Bumming around and Birthdays

August 15, 2007

No classes are FUN.

Its just that, it could have been better if the school could announce it early. O.o ( or whatever government agency that is responsible for releasing announcements like that )

I was already very very near Katipunan when Gie, Karl and Arnel texted about the suspension of classes today. I was happy, but geez, i wasted an hour of this day going to school when THERE WAS NONE.

So yeah, HELLO TRAFFIC. I was stuck in the traffic for like two hours since the cars were AS USUAL not following traffic rules and ALL the traffic lights were not working. How great is that, eh? I even think that i overused the honking device in my car since i got really really pissed with the cars on my way home. GRRRRR! God, how i wish there was a honk sound that could shatter car windows so they’ll get out of my way. LOL.

When i got home, Derrick called (my cellphone died after. Dunno why…) and texted about the class suspension. Ack! The HSc! text pass sure was late. lolz

Karl arrived and served as a “delivery boy”. *shhhhh* Hahahaha He got stuck in the traffic for three hours! LOL. Thanks thanks very much for “It”. hahahahaha Now that i’m craving for something sweet, i wish we ate it na lang. hahaah

After going to the car repair place, Karl came back just to make tambay. LOL. We were officially “Bums” today since all we did was watch BOBBY LEE, read barok blog entries *ahem* and EAT. Hahaha
Oh yeah, too bad classes were suspended on YOUR birthday, Gie.

Wala tuloy nangulit sayo ng , LIBRE! hahaha

So here is a much deserved greeting šŸ™‚ ^_^






So you are _____ yrs old now?! hahaha *peace*






Cool. No classes tomorrow too!!! ( Grrrr. still have to review tomorrow for CHEM long test this Friday. Gahd…… HELP! ….T.T )


That means no EPI AND LAB!! ( Woohoo! )


But there would be Epi classes this sat….just after a very “exciting” CS ( after my report on Biotechnologies too. boo! ) How “good” can my Saturday get, eh?


One Response to “Bumming around and Birthdays”

  1. Albeen Says:

    Me make up for not reading all your updates. SO Me spam. Joke. Post all in your entries.

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