“I hate girls”

August 9, 2007

You wouldn’t hear that from me. I don’t hate my fellow XY chromosome carriers.

It’s just that, now that I’m an old geezer, i feel that i could relate with boys more than girls. Even though i spent my high school life around all types of girls *ahem*, i have always been quite deviant. I am girl, yes, but I do things that are not really within the stereotype of what you call a “Girl”:

1) I am a certified Gamer

2) I DON’T like shopping ( clothes, shoes etc. i hate it )

3) I DON’T read chic-lit, inspirational, teeny-bopper books or magazines of the same genre.

4) I DON’T go to bars to make “papansin” and go “boy-hunting” ( Geez. Do not believe a girl if she says she wants to go Bar-hopping just to have “fun”. )

…and if i go on, i might fill this page up so i’ll stop right there. 🙂

Oh yes, going back to boys. I’m much much closer to them than girls. No, again thou shall not make assumptions that I may be insinuating something because I’m not, all I’m saying is that I feel more “real” and “true” when they are around, just because I could relate to them better. The only fall back is that most of the time, they forget that I’m a girl. T.T Oh well, Sandel. haha

Anywho, so what’s with the blog title, anyway? Well, even if i did say that i don’t hate “my kind”, they get on my nerves everyday once in a while. There are a lot of things that i don’t like about being a girl, and its the fact that many girls are HEARTBREAKERS. I’m not saying that i don’t belong in the same category since I’m a girl myself, but when girls start to break the hearts of boys that I’m very very close with, I GET ANGRY….ANNOYED…and suddenly feel myself shift to KILLING MODE. RAR!

Talked to my BOY BESTFRIEND, Kirby, a while ago and he shared to me feelings of bitterness and sadness. I feel for you dear, i really do. Fine you love her still ( i assume since you feel that way ) but SHE IS SO NOT WORT IT! There are a lot of girls out there who deserves you, who would not make you feel like trash and would really care for you.

Random excerpts from our “talk”. *hugs*

kirby Hernandez : alam mo un?

kirby Hernandez : dapat kase pinigilan mo ako

ara sandel : hay nako……. shes weird ah. sipain ko kaya noh?


 –> Shiznit. Could i ever stop you from liking her, when i knew you WERE HAPPY back then? Geez.




kirby Hernandez : i guess she’s too a slut for me

kirby Hernandez : she’s like a door thats always ajar for guys


 –> one word: B****. We shall get our revenge soon.




ara sandel : hayyyyyy.

ara sandel : i wish i was there to give you a hug

kirby Hernandez : hmm… instant recall!

kirby Hernandez : isang beses mo lang ako na hug

kirby Hernandez : ay hinde

kirby Hernandez : dalawa

kirby Hernandez : one was at your bday

kirby Hernandez : and the other ,just casual


–> Wow. He remembered WHEN and WHERE i hugged him LOLZ





kirby Hernandez : nextime nga

kirby Hernandez : seo na lang ako mangungulet.

kirby Hernandez : hinde na ako maattach pa sa mga babae.

kirby Hernandez : =/

ara sandel : sus. wag ganun. you just fell in love with the wrong girl. hay.


 –> WRONG GIRL. Tsk…. Why is it that you get the B**** ones?!?! Hayyy…..


kirby Hernandez : it hurts Tin

kirby Hernandez : para akong tanga

ara sandel : i know how you feel dear. i really do.

ara sandel : hay ang hirap namang sabihin na “wag mo nang isipin un” diba? better to divert yourself and all. tapos uwi ka na rin dito.


ara sandel : and no, hindi ka tanga, ano ka ba!

ara sandel : ganyan lang talaga siguro sa mga relationships eh. nakukulong na kayo sa mundo nyo and wala na kayong paki sa ibang tao

kirby Hernandez : i thought we shared something special.

kirby Hernandez : talkshit lang pala sya

kirby Hernandez : tin tulongan mo ako hindi maging masamang tao na mananakit ng ibang tao

kirby Hernandez : baka maging ganun ako e.

kirby Hernandez : alam mo na.

kirby Hernandez : bitter

kirby Hernandez : parang gusto lahat ng tao maging kagaya ko

ara sandel : im here dear. wag mong isipin na wala ka nang kakampi. andito lang ako. kahit we are miles away. ( naks! )


 –> Tin is my”hidden” nickname and very very close people call me by that name.

“Talkshit”…. just as i suspected. Girls who manipulate boys…..thats just sick. I hope that girl will suffer eternal damnation. I swear.




kirby Hernandez : ano ba yan.

kirby Hernandez : nakakaines.

kirby Hernandez : kase dapat may kambal ka!

kirby Hernandez : para kame na lang!


 –> Fortunately/Unfortunately i don’t have a twin brother/sister. Tsk. It must be fun though, having a walking/breathing “mirror”. hahahahaha


And no, “it” will not happen. Just because being friends is much much more. Right, dear?



kirby Hernandez : salamat talaga sa pakikipag usap a.

kirby Hernandez : napagaan mo ulet loob ko.

ara sandel : sus, ano ka ba! no need to thank me. its all good. sabi ko naman sayo,andito lang ako palagi, okie? pag feeling down ka ulit buzz mo lang ako kahit may ginagawa pa ako, ok?

kirby Hernandez : okay

kirby Hernandez: salamat

kirby Hernandez : i’d kiss you but. that’ll be incest haha

–> “Incest”. That’s a good line right there! hahahaha 🙂 You see, i consider him as my big brother while I’m like his little sister. ^_^ THAT would definitely be INCEST! HAHAHA


4 Responses to ““I hate girls””

  1. Albeen Says:

    Er… ibuhos na ang beer sa ating lalamunan… hehehe. Joke. I mean it. No Beer pls.

  2. maia Says:

    they forget that I’m a girl.

    HAHAHA. dbaaaa? =))

  3. :-/ Says:

    “Far away”.
    “Umuwi ka na dito.”

    Jan Kirby Hernandez…

    I think, I know this guy. Does he have… Japanese features? Fair complexion? Knows how to speak japanese?

  4. ara Says:

    my nickname is ara..
    and my boyfriend’s name is kirby..
    i am just so amazed that there like the two of you who has the same names as ours..
    take care always..

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