Sweet Nothings *hearts*

August 1, 2007

May i just say this –> AUGUST NA!!!

Do excuse me for being all happy because it’s already August. I just get all jittery when its August….just because. LOLZ

I told Derrick this last night and i haven’t said it here yet:



There i said it. I know i could just go back to my Pitas account if i want to make a fully customized layout , but that could take me like a week ( or probably more than that ) just to finish a SINGLE LAYOUT. ( Fine others could do a layout in a day but I’m such an O.C person that i would personalize everything in my layout. the buttons, the banners, the pictures ….eveything, all credited to me.LOLZ )


So because i was very bored last night, i searched for other blog hosts that i could use and would still be easy to manipulate and wouldn’t require too much work. Then i stumbled upn BlogSavy. Wee~ It uses wordpress as well for its bloghost services and it features a lot of themes!!! *happy happy joy joy*


The only problem with it is that i can’t customize the widgets area and i don’t know why. Here is the link to my “mirror site” if you guys want to check it out.



So why milkshake? hehe, just because i love milkshakes. Especially STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES. That could really make my day. πŸ™‚


It basically has all my post here in WordPress and all the pages as well. But i think i wouldn’t use it because the widgets are so not customizable and my photos uploaded in random posts gets all cranky. I would just use that site as my “back up” site in case this blog gets all weird and all. hehehehehe. ^_^



This is an ALOE VERA JUICE DRINK. Bought it in Olongapo in some Korean store that i frequently visit to buy some Korean food. πŸ™‚ Even though it looks like a plankton infested drink, its quite tasty, i swear. πŸ™‚ Citrusy. hahahaha






And no I’m not saying that because he is my dad and all but its TRUE, i swear. πŸ™‚

He gave this sweet treat to my mom when we arrived yesterday from Olongapo. We bought it in our favorite Korean store there which has the most lovely sweet treats ever. hehehe I bought my favorite rice porridge ( a.k.a “LUGAW”. HAHA yeah i know, YUCKY. But mhan, this is just lovely ) there and my dad got lovely custard cakes and apple tarts.


He was even paranoid on what to give my mom as “pasalubong” ( apparently, he forgot to buy stuffs for my brothers. hahahahahahahaha ).


Dad: “Ano ba yung gusto ng mommy mo? Kalimutan ko kasi eh” *scratches head*

Me: “Eto oh” *points at the red box*

Dad: *grabs* “Ayun!!!!!” *happy happy joy joy*


Not just that, he even attached a short note before he gave it to my mom πŸ™‚



❀ Weeeee~ *blush*


SWEEEEETTTTTTT πŸ™‚ meep meep meep. T.T

I remember that my mom told me that my dad ( during their courtship days ) would drive all the way from BULACAN to OLONGAPO just to visit her!! Or if he wasn’t allowed to go out, my dad would pay their driver to drive to Olongapo just to deliver PASTILLAS DE LECHE to my mom.

❀ How sweet is that!?!?!?! T.T Gahd. I envy. hahahahaaha


THAT, people, is what you call DETERMINATION! Wooh!



So yeah, I keep wondering when will I find a guy like my dad. Gahd. I even told my mom that i want a guy like him... someone who will not get tired of loving the person he loves even though they are already married ( and has three hard headed kids to deal with ) and all. Because sometimes couples who get married stop “courting” each other once in a while and their relationship just becomes some sort of a “companionship” instead of “lovers”. Right?



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