I’m officially old

July 31, 2007

Spent the whole day with my dad in Olongapo.

Gahd, it felt like we were having a “date”. Wee~ I haven’t bonded with my dad like this though. I miss it. ❤

Unlike other teens out there who hates their parents or something quite close to that, i could count myself lucky that i have a very very healthy relationship with my parents…yeah, even with my dad. 🙂

Even though there is no classes today ( St. Ignatius day i think ), i got up EARLY ( 6 am, yeah! ) and off we went to Olongapo. ^_^

We proceeded immediately to the bank because they needed to see me….yeah. Because our business in Olongapo is under my name, all the nittygritty paperworks should be signed by me directly. Originally, the paperworks were sent to Manila where i could just sign those legalities stuff but after some time, the managers of the banks said that they needed to see me as soon as possible. T.T Whoops.


Right then and there when i was signing and talking to the managers, i felt OLD. Yep. Pathetic, yeah.


They were really treating me like i really am THE owner of our business there and they seldom talked to my dad about it. Wooh, Goosebumps, i swear. To think, that i would be dealing with these shennanigans all my life. Gahd.


After dealing with that, me and my dad went to our store and i climbed the building all the way to the top floor to check on our stocks. ( Geez….nerd )

 stacks of mattresses. O.o


boxes of furnitures.




I want this Red and Black sofa for myself!!!! 😉

Because i felt a pang  of sleepiness after segregating the expenses of the store for each month, i asked my dad to treat us to lunch ( yeah, demanding little kid ). So he took me, my mama ellen and papa mike to COCOLIME ( inside SBMA ) to eat.


Being the cam freak that i am, i took a whole lot of FOOD pictures! wee~




I find this soothing in a way. hehehe



*gulps* *phew*



TOFU LOVE! ( you can even see that it was still “boiling” lolz )



Sweet and Sour! hahahahaha Loves it! 🙂



After eating, we took pictures as well! Wee~ ( Gahd, we ATE A LOT! )



I love my Dad’s polo shirt. Just because. hehehe


My Mama Ellen and me <– sabog mode


Last day of the month. Gahd.


Then Tomorrow, it would be August again….my birth month. Blah.


Will be turning NINETEEN…..no good… Geezz…..old old old geezer.


Anyone who will remember my birthday will get a cookie. I swear. 🙂 lalalalalalala


If you don’t know, then i don’t like you. hahahahahahaha


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