Because Chris Tiu rocks my world….

July 26, 2007

Hey, we FREAKING WON!!!!!


*throws confetti and fairy stardusts everywhere*


Take that La Salle 🙂 Lolz. ( ok, i shall stop now. *peace* )


Because of our hassledemandingtiringdamnit lab in Quanti Chem, almost all of us wasn’t able to watch the game live in Araneta. T.T Gahd, and to think that it was an ADMU-DLSU face-off! Booness. Why did the lab fall into a very hassle schedule!??! ( 1:30 to 5:30??!?!?!?! ) or better yet, why did the ADMU-DLSU game held on a freaking THURSDAY?!?!?! 

 Unfair. La Salle even got a free day because of the game and what about for ADMU? It’s like NOTHING. No free cuts especially no FREE DAY! Geez.

While doing our lab work, all of us could hear the screams from the caf when the game started. Boo! You couldn’t imagine how frustrated i was when i heard those jeers of joy ( or was it because Casio scored again?!!? ) . I wasn’t even focusing on the lab anymore ( i didn’t follow the procedures very carefully at all )  that lead to a very bad result.

Because i didn’t have the heart to fabricate my LAST TITRATION, i grudgingly weighed another unknown again and proceeded to that painful heating and stuff. So yeah, i got delayed by 15 minutes because of that. Pathetic.

Derrick, Glen , Gie and Me went to the caf after our lab to watch the final quarter of the game. Gahd, too many people. O.o All of them were crammed inside the caf and all their eyes are tuned in to a very little t.v. ( probably a 21 inch by that size ) which had a BADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBAD signal and didn’t have any sounds ( or it was just due to the fact that we were in the back )


Oh yes, the sea of BLUE shirts. 🙂

Since we only got to see the last quarter and the overtime ( well, we did see some of the final minutes of the third quarter ), i couldn’t give a decent comment on the game itself.

But all i could say is that:



He is pure love. ❤


Oh yeah, i love the new guy as well –> KIRK LONG. ( I’m not really sure if that’s his name but yeah. ) Too much hot cagers for this season. wooh. 🙂


Bottomline: Me wants to watch game 2!!!!! Trisha lets watch live again this season!!! I so want to watch any Ateneo game live with you guys. Seriously.


Nakakamiss ang live crowd! Feel mo talaga yung tension! Yahoo! 🙂


so yeah, on with the postlab. T.T


note: Pic of Chris Tiu is from the Alt-g website. 🙂 Not mine . hihi


3 Responses to “Because Chris Tiu rocks my world….”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Waaaaaah!!! Ang gwapo gwapo ni Chris Tiu!!! At si Kirk Long!!!!!! 😡

    Diyan din kami sa caf nanood nila Ana at Kim! May Psych class kami tapos naririnig namin yung mga sigaw sa caf! So pinalabas kami nang maaga. Haha. Nakakatawa nga e, si Kim nagtatally ng score sa table niya gamit ang chalk! :))

    Promise nood tayo!!! Gusto ko talaga!!!

  2. Trisha Says:

    Smiley dapat yun! Hahaha 😀 Sorry!

  3. jheck Says:

    congratulations atenenians!!!!!!!!!!1

    See you’ll really rock this season…….
    Although there will still be another battle on sunday, but i think you can do better than what you did. Just stay fucos guys and dont be pressured when casio or villanueva scores, remmeber theres chris tiu and arao on your side…… nobody can do better than you guys..

    This thursday’s saga is a nerve breaking game especialy when la salle consistently advanced there score in the last quarter but hey,……….. your the man CHRIS, you’ve always been and will always be the lucky guy for your team. Not just because your the captain but you really let all atenenians stand on there seats and scream everytime you release that 3 pointer,……….. but ofcourse its not just CHRIS TIU who makes the team win, its still a team effort, theres FORD ARAO who score his way to the top, NONOY BACLAO who shows he’s being negrense…….. ( hehehehe… coz ima negrense too….)KIRK LONG for that booster shot.hehehe….. go kirk…. lets appreciate ofcourse ERIC SALAMAT’S consistency ( salamt kay eris salamat) hehehehe…. JAI, weve been waiting for that 3 pointer from you but we appreciate that effort (binantayan lang kayo nang husto ni chris for your outside shots) ok,ala namnag silsang binantbat sa yo…hehehehe and to all of the guys ofcourse……… congratulations…………

    The eagles has indeed overcomed the archers bow and soars high and will continue to fly for that uaap season 70 title….. It has been the blue crowd who outpowered the greens…
    There will still be the last la sallen – ateneo game this sunday and it will be more intinsifying and nerve breaking final face off. Just remember that whaterver happens stick to what you really have, show the best that youve got, show that atenenian spirit, and show them your the best this season… break that record guys.. goodluck and more power………

    Motto fot he team ( NEVER SAY DIE ) end the saga with your fierce guys…..

    GO ATENEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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