Harry Potter Book 7 FINISHED!

July 25, 2007


Because there is no classes today, i decided to finally finish Book 7! Wooh! I did just that the whole day and didn’t even bother to do my prelab and other stuff for lab. Booyah.

I feel all pathethic because it took me freaking FIVE DAYS to finish the book. And i call myself  a HARRY POTTER fan!?!?!?! Geez. I tried to finish it last weekend but nooo…my eyes failed me. BLAH.

 I hate spoilers…and people who spoil just for fun ( who thinks they are cool because they know the ending already and all that but doesn’t even know what a Horcrux is. Grrrr ), I wouldn’t write anything here that could spoil something for anyone. 😉

Gahd. I’m sad and ecstatic at the same time. I would definitely miss Harry and the gang. Geez, everyone will surely be missed! Knowing that i just finished the LAST INSTALLMENT was just too much but geez, I’m HAPPY!

Oh, JK Rowling you are a bonafide GENIUS. You are love at its finest 🙂 Your imagination fascinates me and has forced me to be hooked in your made-up world of wonder. hahaha 😉

So for the people who haven’t read it yet: DARN, READ IT ALREADY!!!

Please do forgive me but i just need to say this –> I LOVE YOU SNAPE! ^_^ I knew it! I never ever doubted you, i swear 🙂 hihihihihihi


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