Happy Happy Birthday!!! :)

July 21, 2007

Back off Harry Potter Book 7, my entry about this last installment to J.K Rowling’s masterpiece would have to wait because this space is reserved for my boy best friend. ^_^

Happy Happy birthday to Jan Kirby Hernandez!!!! 🙂

*bubbles and balloons everywhere*


( oh my, he is going to kill me by posting his picture here. LOLZ. *hides* )


Sorry dear that i was just able to message you on your birthday and that i wasn’t able to talk to you on YM 😦 So so so sorry dear!! T.T *hugs*


Do take care, okie? Always remember that I’m always here for you, no matter what. Come back here already!!! I want some “libre”! hehehehe


One Response to “Happy Happy Birthday!!! :)”

  1. :-/ Says:

    I knew it. It’s him.

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