July 9, 2007

Gawd, i hate mondays.

Not because its the first day of the week, but the fact that it’s CODING for me. BLAH. So yeah, here i am in the Rizal lib typing these senseless words because I am too tired to study and too bored to make a decent entry. Geez, one hour and a half to go before i could go home and sleep study already. Even though this is THE library, i still can’t study…just because.

Got to school pretty early today because i read my philo reading over and over again….trying to absorb or just understand what Padre Roque Ferriols said in the first six pages of his “Meron” article. Seriously, it turned my brain upside down. You see, the article used simple Tagalog words but they were just freaking hard to understand… 😦

“Samakatuwid, kapag binigkas ang meron, hindi ang konsepto ang binibigkas, kundi ginagamit ang konsepto upang itukoy ang isang talagang umiiral , talagang meron at nagmemeron. Ang tinutukoy ng konsepto ay hindi konsepto. At ang paguunawa ko sa tinutukoy ng konsepto ay umaapaw sa konsepto. Sa aking paguunawa ay kumakapit ako sa mismong meron at sabay tumatalab sa at tinatablan ng meron“.


If you could explain to me what that means, I’ll give you a cookie.


Somehow i wasn’t called again but i really wished i was the lucky one who got picked for the day because the task was soooo easy it could make you cry.


“Name all your classmates in this room…one by one”


As usual, the discussion was awesome. Ohhhh, he made me laugh even though i was feeling so so blue today. Wee~

“Ano ba ang Bag?”

Sounds simple, eh? But no. Even my 18 year old self could not even explain what exactly is a bag when we discussed it earlier. Boo. His class is just damn mentally stimulating that i love it.


Damn Chem. I didn’t get it again. 😦 Although, Derrick explained some stuffs to me which made some things clearer. YEAH! I just need to work on other problems though…..the Chem exam will be this friday already!!!!!! ACK!!


Oh yeah, i also realized that the Gackt theme i made for my cellphone is the one that is causing my little bundle of slowness joy gadget to be soooooo ssssssslllllooooooowwwww…. PSH. That’s why my messages takes like 5 minutes to be sent. Damn it. So i reverted the theme back to its original nokia boring theme and it is sooo much faster now. Totally better. ( Although, i still made Gackt my wallpaper for it. hihi )


Damn. ROSE online would be literally ‘obliterated’ of the face of the MMORPG’s here in the country. So yeah, mark your calendars , judgment day is at hand:

August 6, 2007

So that leaves me less than a month to play the freaking game and maximize all its features.. 😦 Gawd, i’ll miss it, seriously. It has been the only online game that i became addicted to ( Yeah, i didn’t like Ragnarok that much because it was too crowded after the beta version. Boo )

Calling out to Gie and Mike –> We should play together one last time before ROSE closes its doors to us. PICTURE TAKING!!! Go go go!! Yes Mike , I shall play RF soon, i promise 🙂




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