YEY! Ateneo won. Woot~

July 8, 2007


And i miss my UAAP partner-in-crime, Trisha Valera. Nood uli tayo ng UAAP, Trish!

While watching the game, i found myself wishing that the other players who already graduated to be there as well. This includes JC Intal, Macky Escalona, Doug Kramer….and of course, L.A. TENORIO. It just doesn’t feel right (?) without them. T.T Oh well…..because of this, it makes me feel that I am literally OLD. >.> I am a freaking college junior! PSH.

Anywho, the ADMU blue eagles played so badly at the start of the game. They didn’t even score for a few good minutes until Norman Black made someone enter the game…..the saving grace for ADMU……


The amazing kid JAInamite –> JAI REYES

Oh, what would Ateneo do without him?..Gahd. The next L.A Tenorio, right here! He looks so matured now compared to his freshman glory days. hihi I can’t say anything anymore, he was just amazing during the game!


Aside from Jai, the ULTIMATE CRUSH NG BAYAN, CHRIS TIU saved the game as well by shooting up some three’s and just by being CUTE. LOL

I also noticed some great players in ADMU, like Monfort and that new guy who looked like Al-Hussaini. hihi I forgot his name. I better update myself with the new players this season! *punches head*

Arao, who did nothing but cause extreme damage to the team ( I still believe that he was one of the factors that made ADMU lose from the Championship match against UST ) last season surprisingly scored a lot of good points for the team today. Nice job, keep it up!

Adamson had its share of glory today because of their awesome playes –> Cabahug and Hugnatan ( please do correct me if i got the names wrong. ) I crush the two guys, they were just awesome. Not to mention that Cabahug looks a bit like Yael Yuzon….or probably its just the jawline whatever. hihi

I thought that Adamson would already win because ADMU was palying so badly during the first two quarters and the game even went overtime because of Cabahug *blush*. But I think ADMU got back to its feet during the overtime and finally closed the game to 69-63 ( im not sure really because all that i remember was the ADMU score. hehe )

Really great game though. Me and my fellow UAAP fanatic cousin, Nikki, were shouting at the top of our voice everytime ADMU shoots and Adamson misses. hehe

While i was reading for Philo, I saw my cousin watching Take 5 in MYX which was featuring MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. I love the band. Their music and lyrics are awesome and the music videos are just to-die for. ( Their The Black Parade music video costs about more than a million dollars to make. )



Oh my, when i saw Gerard Way again in the vid, i just freaking realized that he is ULTIMATE HOTNESS. Well, i see him a lot of times in MYX but it was just now that i appreciated him totally. At first i think that he is just cute but now…, he is HOT.


How could you ignore THIS?!?!?!?!?! My gawd, that jacket seems like it was made especially for him! It sooooo fits him, my gawd. hahahahaha His white short hair is just perfect. He is teh hotness…, i swear!

This is so official as well: I LOVE GERARD WAY. * Thanks Nikki for making me realize this…..*

But he is GAY though. ( I know i know, i fall for not-so straight guys, and i dont know why….T.T But they are just soooo cute!!!! I mean, how could you resist the likes of Keanu Reeves?!??!?!?!?! NOOOOO )

note: By the way, i just found out that i could upload pictures directly in my wordpress blog! Wee~ Now, i wouldn’t link pics from my multiply! YEY!

note: the pics here are not mine!!! just found them on the net. I didn’t edit the source in some of the pics so you’ll know where they came from. Thankies! πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “YEY! Ateneo won. Woot~”

  1. karl Says:

    uy i also missed out on the game 😦 basta nood tayo at least once ng live game this season ah!!!! hehehehe

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    oo nga!! lets watch!!! maganda yan pag ADMU versus DLSU!! fun fun!!!!! go, watch na! πŸ™‚

  3. Trisha Says:

    Waaaaah I miss you too Ara!

    Shet gusto ko talaga manood ulit ng UAAP! Hahanap talaga ako ng paraan!! Ang layo kasi eh, sa Cuneta Astrodome halos lahat ng games. Kung Ateneo-La Salle malamang sa Araneta, pero good luck na lang kung makakuha pa tayo ng tickets. Haha.

  4. Trisha Says:

    Grabe!! Chris Tiu = hotness

  5. ohmygackt Says:

    Trish!!! wah!!! i want to watch a live UAAP game!!! kasi naman hanggan hapon and aking thursday class, pati ung sayo din… 😦 kaya malamang mga sat and sun lang pwede tayo manood. 😦

  6. ohmygackt Says:

    Kahit nga di makashoot si Chris Tiu, ok lang. CUTE naman. Beat that! haha

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