Friday sucks

July 6, 2007

Yeah big time!

I got up so early today just to do my freaking Philo paper ( which is actually our long test. BLAH ) I’m so not used in doing papers on the same day that they are due. T.T I so wanted to do it last night but sadly, i still had a lab report to attend to.

Got up at 7am and sort of finished the whole paper by 2 pm . T.T I left immediately to go to school since my chem class starts at 3:30 pm.

And lookie here, i was stuck in one of the worst traffic jam ever!!! Geez…..too many cars!!! 😦

I arrived in school at exactly 3:30 pm and i rushed immediately to my chem class. Fortunately, my teacher’s laptop got all cranky so her slides weren’t showing in the projector so she haven’t started discussing anything yet. *Phew*

Discussed all about those titrations and stuff. GAWD….dragging.

After chem class, me , Derrick and Gie went to CTC to edit our papers ( and lab reports ). It was 4:30 pm by that time and the lab report was due at 5 pm to me and Derrick rushed that first before editing our Philo paper.

“I have never been this stressed when it comes to my paper……”



I don’t like to cram. As much as possible, if i could really finish it on time, i WOULD finish it. But these papers were just hell! I mean , they were possible to do but the fact that the due date was so near relative to the time given to us to do it is just too much HASSLE! Not to mention that my lab report and the philo paper were DUE ON THE SAME DAY!!!



T.T definitely NO FUN.


We were able to pass the lab reports on time ( but i didn’t include sources of error anymore since I AM THE FREAKING ERROR! T_T ) We also finished editing our philo paper in the RMT and passed the paper at about 5:45 ….just 15 minutes before the deadline. I’m just so sad since i wasn’t able to include any footnotes in my paper because i literally don’t know how…..yeah, im that stupid of a student. How fun is that? I just hope that Sir Tolentino would just give me some minus for that instead of giving me a big fat F 😦 * prays *


I wouldn’t have survived the day if it wasn’t for these people who have endured the pain and struggles with me –> Glen, Mike, Kevin, Gie and Derrick. Guys, thank you ^_^ I kknow i have pestered a lot of you through YM and all but you guys still helped. *hugs everyone*



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