Hassle. O.o

July 5, 2007

Talked to Emil early in the morning before our Epi class. The conversation was not very very in-depth and we just talked in codes so people will not know what we are talking about. But dude, You’ll get through this, i know. The freaking situation is so complicated that I am confused as well. O.o Gawd…….life’s hard. Darn.

We were dismissed early for Epi and sort of gave us an assignment which deals with math and statistics. Oh dear…assignments AGAIN.

Glen, Gie and I proceeded immediately to Dela Costa to get the question for our Philo long test. Because we were such lazy bums, we just took a picture of the piece of paper containing the directions and questions for our long test. My phone, donning a 3.2 megapixel cam got itself useful for me that day. The picture was CLEAR! hahaha Goodie.

After getting the questions, Gie made me listen to Sayonara Bus by Yuzu while we were walking. Wow! Catchy song! Hehe. It reminded me of Orange Range because the style was very much the same or probably all Japanese boy bands sing that way or something. Hihi.

( edit: Damn it, Gie. Now, Sayonara Bus is in endless loop in my itunes! Argh )

While we were debating on where to do our prelab, we met Jay, Teej and Maia in the Sec walkway and they just just shouted one thing: “JOLLIBEE!”

I didn’t eat. Its not because i’m on a freaking diet…i just didn’t want to eat anything but crackers. hahaha I’m recently getting all fascinated with the Parmesan and Garlic flavored cracker. I may be the only one who likes that icky stuff. The taste is just horrible for others but i still like it. BOO. hahaha

Just realized that it is sooo better to do the prelab on thursdays and not be all too goodie goodie and finish it the night before. UGH. Doing nothing for like 4 hours is the shiznit! I swear, i did everything that i could just to stay awake but i can’t. My eyes were like failing me even though i already ate ice cream and played Derrick’s PSP. T.T

Before the lab, almost all the people in the previous class were saying that they didn’t finish and all that because the experiment was too long. so like all of us had our confidence gauge lowered to 0 because of what we heard.

“Ok, wala na. This is OVER!”

*fast forward*

Gawd. the experiment was TIRING TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL! I’m not even sure if my data are correct or something…..BLAH….I so freaking know that I’ll get a low score on this one. So much for two consecutive A’s…..:(

Because i finished on time with my experiment, i took a picture of my result to remind myself of this hassle Titration experiment! Booyah!


Aww…..pink is the shiznit!! 🙂 Hahahahahaha


It was raining so hard after the lab and i told Kevin and Gie that I could drop them off since their house is on the way anyway. Amidst the seemingly endless traffic and blinding darkness, i was happy. Yeah, because i was with these two guys who kept me sane all throughout our trip. I would have rammed my car in frustration because of the two papers due tomorrow if you guys weren’t there with me. BLAH. I soo need people to talk to when i drive. I lose all sense of time and i don’t get bored. hahaha


Uploaded my data for the postlab and read the story for Philo. I shall do the computations for the postlab tomorrow along with my Philo paper. My eyes are so failing me already….:(


“Kami-sama, tasukete kudasai” ( God, please help me )


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