Confessions and weird conversations

July 4, 2007

Lately, i am so not enjoying the free time that i have before my philo class. I usually spend it inside our classroom in CTC because there is no class before our class in philo so basically its a vacant room….not to mention, air conditioned. I do my assignments and crammed reading there and it was like the perfect place to relax…..NOT!

Suddenly, these group of annoying lower batch people have literally invaded the room and decided to use it as their own mini “cafeteria”. I mean i don’t really “own” our room but the freaking fact that they are so noisy and acts as if they are the only people in the room makes me want to kick them out of the room….literally. All their conyotic blabberings is so damn irritating! Yeah, i am BITTER. Arghh…God knows how much i wanted to shout “GET THE FREAKING HELL OUT!” to them…but yeah, i just kept quiet like a good little girl. Boo.

We had another good philo discussion. Wee~ Damn, best Philo teacher ever. Too bad that we just have an hour to spend with him. I swear, it is so insufficient. LOL. Again, i have avoided being called in our graded recitation….i dont know if he really just skips my name or my index card is lost somewhere in his bag or whatever…..*Phew*. The readings , “Dandelion Wine” and “Homesick at Home” are fun readings. I enjoyed them even though i didn’t get it at first. Because of my usual “Paranoia Attacks”, i read the two readings over and over again before the start of the class to make sure that i got all the details and all that. UGH.

Listened to random anime songs with Derrick during the break before chem. Gawd, old school love! I got so excited with the coolness songs that i found myself singing (?!?!?! ). Yeah….singing inside the Health Sci dep. Tsk tsk tsk. Bad. hahahahaha

We didn’t have any quiz for chem and i even answered the seat work correctly. I so wished at that time that she made that one a quiz! Grrr….oh well.

After chem, all of us proceeded to Berch to take our guidance test. The test was so boring and almost all the people were in such a hurry to finish it since all us wanted to go home early. The last part of the test was the most dragging and the funniest part of the exam too, thanks to my dearest seatmates, Mike and Derrick. Gawd……Best Storytellers ever!!! Where would you find a story that includes a failed titration experiment, 4.84564 Liters of blood sucked by a vampire and 75 golden camels?!?!?! Beat that! Hahahahahaha

I waited for Emil after the guidance test since he will be going home with me. Wee~ He was the one who drove back to Caloocan since i didn’t know what route to take in order to pass by his house. T.T Gawd…i missed Emil. Seriously.

Emil: “Oi *serious face*……Seryoso ah, namiss kita”

Me: *on the verge of tears* * hits Emil ( while he was driving, yeah!)* “NAMISS DIN KITA, SOBRA!”

Talked to him about in-depth stuffs about our lives. We exchanged advices since we are both going through our own situations right now….I MISS OUR CORE GROUP! SERIOUSLY. T.T


Upon arriving home, i chatted with some people and ended up having soooo weird conversations with them. HAHAHA. Grabe, natanggal ang pagod ko! hahahaha

With Karl

ara sandel : mahirap un eh. ack! money…T.T                                                                    karl_1087 Solidum : magkano ba kailangan mo iha
karl_1087 Solidum : hehehe
ara sandel : $$$$$$$$ madami. marami akong gustong bilhin –> 1) laptop, 2) DSLR, 3) Doll, 4) Mini cooper or GREEN volkswagen….at madami pa. hahahaha        karl_1087 Solidum : hahahaha parang mura lang yung #4 ah
ara sandel : oo nga eh, biglang naging super mahal eh. hahahahahaha
karl_1087 Solidum : ilan ba gus2 mo? gusto mo iba ibang colors
karl_1087 Solidum : ako na bahala sayo
karl_1087 Solidum : wahahaha
karl_1087 Solidum : feeling!
ara sandel: gusto ko green na volkswagen eh para mukhang turtle. hahahaha, or a mini cooper. probably white/blue/green or pink.  hahaha                                                   karl_1087 Solidum : or all colors combined
karl_1087 Solidum : hahaha


With Glen

g_alog : bday ni gackt?
ara sandel : YES
g_alog : wow
g_alog : how old is he?
ara sandel : kahit ako i dont know for sure, he claims to be 450++ years old eh, pero from what i know, he is like 42-43 nah…..
g_alog : wow
g_alog : he’s old
ara sandel : yeah. <– doesn’t care. hahahahaha
ara sandel : :))
g_alog : old enough to be a parent
g_alog : of a teenager/young adult
ara sandel : yep, he’s even older than my dad.hahahaha
g_alog: 8-}

With Gie

ara sandel : have your seen this? hahaha. gahd, funneh.
Gian Carlo Gutierrez : Paree
Gian Carlo Gutierrez : I hate the baho masa / orcs. Obliterate them all! <– haha
ara sandel : grabe so conyotic the person eh. hahaha
Gian Carlo Gutierrez : naku talaga. i like so feel it. all this bs is so sobra na ha.
ara sandel : o baka maging conyotic ka na rin sa kakabasa mo niyan. hahaha
Gian Carlo Gutierrez : like suuufer
Gian Carlo Gutierrez : grabe na talaga the taglish. i cannot stand the accent and hirits. oh my.


Lastly with my guy best friend, Kirboinks ( skittles )

kirby Hernandez : ano nga pala ginagawa mo?
ara sandel : prelab report on chem. YAK. haha
kirby Hernandez : chem nanaman
kirby Hernandez : hinde ka na natapos dun a!
kirbyHernandez: 🙂                                                                                                                       ara sandel : oh yeah. chem chem all my college life. yak talaga. hahahahah
kirby Hernandez : seryoso?
ara sandel : joke. hanggang next sem na lang. haha
kirby Hernandez : bute namn
kirby Hernandez : kase ako yung nagsasawa e!
kirby Hernandez : =))
ara sandel : kasi everytime na kausap mo ako laging “sorry , doing chem stuff”…BLAH
kirby Hernandez : hehe.. kung aken ka. malamang hinde ka na mag aaral! wahaha. sama ko

ROFL. Hahahahaha Gawd, he even thought of THAT possibility. Nyahahahahahahaha. You will remain my guy best friend, dude. I like you better if we are best of friends. *hugs* . LOL


Gawd. HAHA Thanks for the laughtrip guys! 🙂 You deserve all the love! ^_^


2 Responses to “Confessions and weird conversations”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Haaaaay tama ka diyan! Yung ibang lower batch talagang epal! :)) Ganon din kaya tayo noon? Grabe ang tanda na natiiiin!

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    oo nga.. 😦 ehh…third year na eh….. midlife crisis ata! hahahaha …pero promise ang ingay talaga nila. nakakainis!!!! GRRRRR.

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