Transformers and other stuff

July 1, 2007

We were supposed to watch the movie yesterday but since my dad and my little brother were sick , they said that we will just watch the movie today.

Had a great great lunch in our house because we had SQUID and “Labong” ( that’s baby bamboo shoots to you! )!!! You see, i’m a sucker for anything seafood especially squid! YUMMINESS!! For the “labong”, its probably my favorite veggie! Teehee. Because i was sooo bored and i got excited with all the foo –> I took freaking pictures of them. hahaha

YUMMEH!! ( It’s squid by the way. Just in case you can’t recognize it. haha )


This people is the “labong”! I know it looks icky and all but promise, it tastes great! 🙂

After eating lunch and dressing up, my dad drove us to SM North EDSA THE BLOCK ( may i just say, AGAIN! ) He didn’t come with us though because he was still sick and all. T.T

The activity area inside THE BLOCK was so jampacked with people because of some event going on there. It has to do with “POCARI SWEAT” something. I think it is a refreshment or a bottled water.

They were having a dance showdown of some sort. hahahahaha The dancers were awesome! 🙂

We proceeded immediately to the arcade area so Kobe , Ron and my cousin Nikki could play while me and my mom could go shopping. No, don’t get me wrong I HATE SHOPPING. I might even be the only girl who will tell you that or would even admit it but its true. I DONT LIKE IT. All the people lining up in the fitting room; People shoving each other to get that last piece of clothing that is one sale; finding the perfect design of something that you like only to find out in the end that it doesn’t fit you…Yada Yada Yada. But since my mom told me that MANGO is having a 50% discount today, i decided to tag along and told myself that i might just find something…BLAH.

There were a LOT, and i mean a LOT, of people in MANGO and the clothes were tossed here and there. It was crazy. Good thing my mom was there and helped me find pants and all that. We spent like an hour trying out the pants and other shirts ( like out of 10 things that we liked, we only got about half of them. haha ) and paid for them after.

After buying the clothes, the activity center became more crowded than usual and i saw that a lot of people were dancing or probably doing aerobics! There were like a hundred of them at least. It looked so weird, i tell you. But i think they were enjoying it so yeah, that’s cool.

While me and my mom were walking towards the ticket booth to buy tickets for the TRANSFORMERS movie, we saw this coolness advertisement from Folded and Hung. Wicked. hahaha How much did this ad cost anyway? 😀

Upon arriving in the ticket booth, me and my mom were greeted by a LOOONNNGGG line of people. BLAH. I mean the line was still bearable and realistic but geez, the line wasn’t this long when we watched other movies in THE BLOCK. Because we wanted to watch badly, we just lined up like everyone else and we just chatted to pass the time. We didn’t buy any popcorn or whatever anymore since the line was sooo looong too! Ack! We just bought pastries in BREAD TALK to eat inside the theater. ( Gwad, try their chicken teriyaki buns…ooohhhhh….HEAVEN! )

We got the 3:40 pm screening and it was just 3:00 pm by that time so me and my mom ate pasta first in SUGARNOT!.

While waiting for the order, i went inside the resto ( me and my mom sat outside the resto because there were no more seats inside ) to talk some pictures of YUMMEH foods!


Oh my…….. *drools*



This looks yummy too! 🙂



Are these CHERRIES? hahaha. Chocolate-coated goodness.


This was the pasta that we ate. It looks so pale, eh? But really, this was delicious. It was just a bit spicy. BLAH



Because i was so bored, i took a picture of my mom’s tea. hahahahahaha Look at all those leaves! O.O

After eating, me and my mom met up with my brothers, Nikki and our maid to watch the effing Movie. 🙂 Wee~

Can i just say that it was AWESOME!! I never enjoyed a robot-centered kind of movie until now!!!! Gawd…Michael Bay, you rock. To those animators too who painstakingly made the transformation sequences of the Autobots and the Decepticons possible…you have my love. hahahaha 🙂 Ack! I just can’t explain very well how much i love this movie so yeah, bear with me. hihihi. Basta, TRANSFORMERS IS TEH SMEXYNESS!

There was no boring moment in the movie unlike Fantastic Four which was lagging and dragging as well. ( except Human Torch. hahaha )  Every character ( human and machine ) acted very well too. 😀 Coolness.

This is my favorite autobot in the movie alongside OPTIMUS PRIME! Bumblebee is the coolest Autobot ever! ( while Optimus Prime is the hottest autobot! haha ) If you look at the lower left of the pic, you will see a person, probably a staff of the movie. Wow, then looking at the size difference, the robot they used must be damn huge! Wooh!Just imagine their Megatron! hahaha

Ohhhh…Bumblebee’s cartoon version is no match for his movie version! He looks like a kid here. hahaha

Too bad Megatron died! T.T It’s not that i like him or something, but i like his PLAN. I mean imagine ALL THE MACHINES in the world to be like THE TRANSFORMERS? Like, imagine your ipod transforming into something and shoots lasers at your enemy or something? That would be fun! And instead of drag racing ( which young boys and young girls alike practice ), we would have ROBOT WARS and every person who has a car and wants to compete would join. All of us enthusiasts would be watching in a football-like arena while we watch robots battle each other to death. OHHH…..FUN! hahahaha

Oh my (gackt), do forgive my retarded thoughts. hahaha ^_^v

Not just that, Megatron was not even killed by OPTIMUS PRIME! That just sucks i think. I was looking forward for an all out war between the leaders of the Autobots and the Decepticons! Arghh… Oh well. hahahahaha



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  1. Dyan Says:

    I don’t like shopping either. (Well, I like shopping for books, cds and whatever – but not clothes nor kikay chuva – pero I saw nga ung mga tao sa Mango, grabe mag-halunkat.

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