Survived the third week! Oh Yeah!

June 30, 2007

June 30…..Last day of the month and also marks the last day of the third week of classes. Wow, i survived with only a little bit of stress here and there.

Woke up at about 5 am ( an hour earlier than my usual get-up time during saturdays. haha ) in order for me to read through the slides in Unit 1 and Unit 2 of our course in CS. Gawd….i so can’t focus in anything that i was reading because i was so sleepy but i managed to read almost all of the readings ( for the rest, i didn’t even bother reading them anymore because they kept on clogging my already clogged brain ).

I arrived at school by 8:20 am ( my class starts at 9 am though ) so i decided to just spend my time in the caf since there were only a handful of people there anyway. I went to look for Nescafe coffee because i was feeling very very sleepy. ( read: 3 hours of sleep is a no no ) But BLAH, the caf didn’t have any except those black roasted type of coffee which is bitter than bitterness itself. Ewww…..

While looking for a seat , i saw Vero and chatted with my ex-zoology classmate and my philo classmate now. haha ^_^ Talked about school stuff ( as always ), Sir Floresca ( My oh my, Sir Floresca where art thou?! ) and orgs. ( LOL! ) She lest at about 8:30 and i just stayed there until 10 minutes to 9 am while drinking milk. ( Yep! Milk is love! ) I was just sooo groggy that i didn’t even bother to read my notes anymore and just told myself that whatever happens in the quiz will happen… Blah.

At the start of the class, Mam Reyes asked about the moodle website and what the url is, who was the first to react to the forum and all that. The answer was simple for us who has been to the moodle website and already signed-up there but the others were like “Eh?” because they haven’t checked it out. ( Which i think is quite fine because there weren’t a lot of things going on there except for a single thread. ^_^ )

After a few minutes ( and a swarm of people coming in ) , we had a mini-short quiz ( gawd. that was just so redundant ). I got so happy because her bonus questions were the very same questions she asked us at the start of the class!! Even the first two questions were quite ok because they were answerable and they were not objective. Wow! I love her already! ❀

You know what, i think the limit of my listening/attention capacity is just one hour! Gawd. After the first hour of the three hour class, i was just so restless that like 20% of my mind was listening to mam ( as if i could understand everything that she said ) and the other 80% was spent on surfing the internet, chatting with seatmate and just plain playing with my chair. ( I kept making myself go round and round and from side to side…..RETARDED, yeah. )

AGAIN, she dismissed us early! Wee~

Went to the HS Dept with Glen, Arnel and Darryl to kill some time and stayed there until 12nn. Because i still had an appointment with my derma at 2pm, i decided to go directly to Tomas Morato ( since i pass by there EVERYDAY anyway ) where the Derma is located.

Since i got to Tomas Morato at about 12:30 pm, i just drove directly to Starbucks to eat lunch ( Dont do this…no good! Eat the right food and not just Cinnamon roll for lunch! ) . I ordered Cinnamon roll ( which was just so heavenly by the way ) and Banana Java chip ( my current favorite drink in Starbucks! ). It was my first time to eat by myself and to spend my time alone in Starbucks. It was not awkward though because there are a lot of people there who were studying alone and all that and i just LOVE THAT ALONE-ISH FEELING. It was sooo good, as if you are so free and you can do ANYTHING that you want without anyone to reprimand you or to tell you what to do and all that! It was fun, i tell you! ^_^ Starbucks in Tomas Morato is just so serene! haha So unlike the Starbucks in Katipunan and Banawe…very very noisy! hahaha

Because my mom was going to the derma too to accompany me, i waited for her in Starbucks until a few minutes before 2 pm but she called and told me to drive directly to the Derma and that we should just meet there. So i got my backpack and drove as fast as i can to the Derma. Wee~

Ohhhh…….PAIN. This is why i hate it when my face gets cleaned… HURTS!. Boo T.T Not just that i went through a SPANISH PEEL ( Yep, my skin gets peeled ) after the cleaning. Eeeppppp….i just hate the burning sensation that i feel during that procedure!! *shudder* So yeah, if you see me in school this week, don’t get surprised if a large part of the skin in my face gets peeled little by little. hahaha πŸ™‚

Since i’m feeling so emo today, i decided to look for love quotes taken from various movie in the net πŸ™‚ There was this one quote that really strike me the most because..because… because… because….. its CUTE πŸ˜€

“Take love, multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever…… and you still have only a glimpse of what i feel for you”.


Too bad we weren’t able to watch TRANSFORMERS today because my dad and my little brother, Kobe were not feeling good. 😦 Probably tomorrow…..I really really hope so! ^_^



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