Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Big Winner

June 30, 2007

Because i think this special girl needs a journal entry of her own, i decided to update this certain topic in a separate journal entry 😀


Yep, just finished watching the BIG NIGHT in ABS-CBN to find out who the Big Winner will be. Don’t get me wrong im not a very very avid fan of the “reality” t.v show because i always get so lazy to open the t.v. most of the time. HAHA. My little brother, Kobe, is even more updated with these kinds of t.v shows ( he even watches “Maalaala mo Kaya” EVERY FRIDAY! wow… ) compared to me! hahaha


Again, a FEMALE BIG WINNER! hahahaha


WAH! Beatriz won! I can’t believe it. I really can’t still believe it. It’s not that i don’t like her, but i am still overwhelmed or something. Ever since the Big Four slots were filled, i always told myself that :


“Kahit sino na kayla Gee-Ann, Bea and Mickey…. basta wag lang si Wendy” ( Wow, it rhymes! )


Beatriz’s personality was very unique and bubbly that i always utter “Cute” whenever i see her on t.v. and especially when she LAUGHS! hahahaha I think she really deserved the prize more than Mickey! 😀 So yeah, Maricris and Wendy…don’t you dare mess with her! hahahahaha ^_^ She certainly has the fighting spirit that i wish i had. A fighting spirit that protects one’s dignity in a very good way and without INSULTING THE OTHER PERSON! *wink*wink* I mean , through Bea, we could see that we could explain our side , even though we are really really mad, in a very calm manner and without throwing HARSH words just to be SEEN! Gawd. She just rocks. 🙂


Gawd. The show was sooo dragging and it took so long before they really announced the big winner, but i think THOSE KINDS OF THINGS are always connected with shows like these. BLAH.



So anyway, when they announced who the fourth big placer was…i was still in shock because i can’t believe that it would be Gee-Ann that would get that place. I was soooo soooo hoping that it would be Wendy’s throne but nah, the cheering chick got the last spot in the Big Four. Out of all the housemates in the house, i could so relate to Gee-Ann in more ways than one. We almost have the same personality that i could just see myself in her. She was great and i think she also deserved the prize money but you see, she is FINANCIALLY STABLE anyway..she wouldn’t the prize anymore. But wow, you deserve to be idolized. You are like the epitome of anything that is humble and serene. ^_^


Oh YOU. Yes, of course i wouldn’t forget you. The one who got into the Big Four because of a “reason“. Yeah, i think i know what you mean with that “reason”. So that people will see the REAL YOU. Yes, a YOU… a CORRUPTED WENDY. A Wendy that is so enveloped in sweet sugary goodness but is so rotten inside that her conscience attacks her every night ( that explains the “monster” transformation that they related a while ago when Giselle Sanchez was imitating Gee-Ann ).

How dare you wave your hands at those people??!! Geez, and the way you answered to their endless “BOO’s” is just pathetic. You never changed, my gawd. Yeah, you said sorry but please do look back again on how you said “sorry” to those people you have hurt. And what were you saying that you didn’t want your family to be hurt….YOU ALREADY HAVE! While you were enjoying your love life and random b*tch fits inside the house, your family outside Big Brother’s house have endured all kinds of criticisms which you will feel STARTING TODAY. Now, probably you will see and FEEL the consequences of your actions, ms. third big placer. No, i don’t hate YOU , i just hate what YOU did. People are not judged because of their status or whatever but with what their personality is and how they express emotions to others. Do remember that.





Mickey, you deserve all the praise. Even though he didn’t grow up here in the Philippines, he was able to relate with other house mates in the best possible manner that i could think of. Also his signature of redundant “po’s” is probably the cutest things about him. Yah. Aside from Robert, this guy is my CRUSH. This is certainly, as Gee-ann puts it, THE “boyfriend material” and i so agree with that. Everything you want a guy to be is simply…… Mickey. 😀

note: All pictures were taken from the Pinoy big Brother website just because i can’t find a decent website with decent pictures of them and without watermark. hahaha They are not mine 🙂 This is the link to their website –> Pinoybigbrother.


2 Responses to “Pinoy Big Brother Season 2 Big Winner”

  1. Trisha Says:

    “Kahit sino na kayla Gee-Ann, Bea and Mickey…. basta wag lang si Wendy”

    Hahaha pareho tayo! Anyone but Wendy! I really thought Gee-Ann would bag the first place. Pero ok na rin si Bea. 🙂

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    yep mayaman naman na si gee-ann eh. so Bea is the next rightful heir to the throne. hahahahaha

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