Hectic Hectic .

June 29, 2007

Because i promised my ( self -proclaimed, mind you ) avid blog reader this:

Hello Carlo/ Silver!!!!!!! It’s ok if you don’t leave any comments, it doesn’t matter dude! πŸ™‚ *hugs* Thanks for reading my LAME! POSTS!!




Stayed in our Philo classroom again 45 minutes before our time because it was cold inside and there are no people inside aside from me. Compared to the library or in Mateo, I always choose to stay in our philo classroom ( because there is no class immediately before us. hihi ) to cram or just bum around.

Good thing, Gie always arrive early too so i can have someone to chat with. While i was busy flicking through the pages of our 10-page Philo reading, he kept on telling me to not study anymore since the recitation ( if ever there will be one ) will be easy anyway.

Gie: Wag ka nang mag-aral, madali lang yan.

Me: Eh madaya ka, hindi ka na kinakabahan kasi natawag ka na.

Gie: Basta kaya mo yan.


We did have a recitation and our teacher called three people or four and….*phew* i was not one of them. πŸ™‚ Sure, i knew some of the answers but there is this one question of his that i really didn’t know how to explain or even answer. My heart was pouding like crazy while Sir tolentino was calling out the names of the people for the graded recitation. Gawd….you wouldn’t believe how relieved i was when he already clipped the index cards together and set it down on the table…..THIS indicated that we were finished with the recitation for that day. *PHEW*.

During the break in the Health Sci room, we all discussed about the Postlab ( which i finished immediately after the lab session so as not to cram…lalalala ) and how many freaking significant figures is needed! Ack! Too much nerd talk is driving me nuts …Gawd…… Anywho, because of what my other blockmates said , i adjusted my results and had it printed. But i didn’t threw away my original postlab…just in case.

Sidenote: I’m so happy doing my postlab ( its not because i like doing postlabs! ) but because i just realized how EASY it was compared to my other postlabs where i always made ( at least ) 4 pages of postlab every week! And now, only a one page postlab was required ( it did not even occupy the whole page! It was like a set of datas just pasted there with our name on it!…WOW…..just, WOW….. )

Five minutes before chem class, me and my other blockmates ( Gie, Glen and Mike ) went to Sir Ian’s pigeonhole to pass our postlabs. Probably because of some divine intervention, Sir Ian emerged from nowhere and then we asked him the proper significant figures for our data. He said that there should only be something something significant figures ( i forgot what number he said ) so it meant that my original result were right! We were like

All: “E di mas tama pala yung dati nating ginawa?!”

Sir Ian: *laughing* “Ayaw nyo magka-minus sa significant figures ah. ”


Wee~ No quiz in chem for today. YEY! We just started with a new topic and I was able to answer the first seatwork ( fine it was so straightforward ) by MYSELF!. WOOH! *Shallow girl Ara. hahaha * Mam made me happy today too because we will be having a PIPAC FIELDTRIP!!!!! Beat that! We are going to PIPAC!! I can’t believe it… the only building probably that not every Atenean has been into will finally open its doors to us!! Wee~ Fine call me retarded but really that’s good news. ^__________^


After Chem, i proceeded to the Health Sci Dept to meet up with Karl since we will be going to the house to watch the film for Epi. We didn’t leave right away though, but we chatted with Sam for a while and exchanged funny *ahem*useless*ahem* quotes. Karl just had the best ones, i tell you!


“Ang pagkakaibigan parang see-saw. Pag wala ka….down ako”


Gawd…. FUNNEH! Hahahaha


At five p.m. me and karl drove back to my house in convoy style. haha. It was weird, i kept looking on my mirror to make sure that he was still behind me and he was having a hard time trying to catch up with me because of all the trucks and other cars who kept on making “singit”. LOLZ. Finally after , i think, an hour and a half, we arrived in my house.

We were inside the freaking elevator when Karl made a remark that made me laugh so hard.

Karl: Ang galing naman. “Japanese-inspired” talaga itong condominium nyo. Pati yung elevator oh!

Me: * still not getting his point*…uhmm, Chinese kaya, not Japanese!

Karl: Ahhhhh……

Me: *suspecting something weird*…bakit mo naman nasabing Japanese-inspired???

Karl: Kasi tignan mo oh, ang dilim ng elevator parang dun sa mga JAPANESE HORROR MOVIES!

Me: LOLZ!!!!

The laughtrip moments did not stop there. When we arrived at our unit, two of my little brother’s playmates ( Michael and Cedric ) saw us and said:

Michael: Kobe tignan mo oh, may kasamang BOY yung ate mo. BOYFRIEND ata niya…..

Me and Karl: ROFL. LOLZ……

Me:….kids. hahahaha πŸ˜€


Because we were so famished after the long drive ( BOOYAH Traffic!! ), we just decided to watch the movie after we ate. Since the food was still being cooked, we just watched random shows while Kobe kept on asking Karl to play with him and all that. Hahahaha

Kobe: Kuya Karl laro tayo Chess.

Karl: Di ako magaling eh

Kobe: Diba mga Ateneans ( yep, ang conyo! ) magaling sa chess?

Karl and Me: Errrr…..

Kobe: So laro na tayo!!

Karl and Me: Ehh……..

After eatin, we immediately watched the film needed for our Epidemiology class. The copy of the film ( it was in VCD format ) was so good. Great Quality! Round of Applause for Arnel! Nice job!

At first we didn’t even know what the film was called. Hahaha. But at the start of the film, the words “And the Band Played On” flashed with the names of the actors ( Wow! So many familiar actors, like Phil Collins, Steve Martin , Ian Mckellen –> Yep the Magnetto/ Gandalf guy who plays a gay person here. haha )


The film was based on a best-selling novel by Randy Shilts that has the same name. I think he was a journalist or something during that time when he wrote the things that happened during the outbreak of AIDS and when people didn’t even know what it was or what caused it.




Just reading the introduction for this movie was WOW for me already…watching it made me even more enlightened about a lot of stuffs connected to AIDS. Gawd… a very very striking movie. I even thought at first that it was a boring documentary about AIDS but it was not. Even though it was fairly an old film, it was able to provoke the emotions from the viewer and to reflect on what might happen if a person close to us or maybe even ourselves will be on the same situation that the AIDS victims are suffering from. Ohhh….Gawd….. i pity those people…….

This was not just nerdy talk on the AIDS itself but there were a lot of underlying political issues discussed here also. Even a lot of economical struggles as well. Not only that i also learned of a LOT of controversies concerning the discovery of the “retrovirus” HIV and the sharing of the credits from its discoverers. GAH.

I don’t want to make detailed explanations about the movie, but i just LOVED IT. It was nice and no its not because i’m nerdy, the message of the movie was just nice. Very very informative. ^_^


WATCH IT! If you want a copy ( because the movie is quite oldish, i think ), i can lend you mine or burn you a copy. haha πŸ™‚


The only thing that’s bothering me is: Why was movie ( and the novel as well ) entitled “And the Band Played on”…i just don’t get it. If you realized what it means, do tell me. ^_^ hahaha


We finished watching the movie at about 11p.m… so we were like groggy already. T.T My eyes were totally failing me and there was even a point in the movie when Karl thought that i was already sleeping because my eyes were not moving anymore and was just glued to the T.V and they were not even blinking! How fun is that?!?! That’s DEDICATION! LOLZ. Kidding. hahaha


After watching ( and after Karl left with TGZ ), i studied for CS class also and read ALL the readings because there would be a FIVE point quiz tomorrow. Boo…. T.T I can’t take it anymore…. i might not make it! BLAH. T.T



Another sidenote: I would also like to say hi to Trisha, Alvin, Maia,Β Darryl, Rem, Skittles ( Kirboinks ),Gie and Glen who told me that they also read my blog! Much love to you all! Now…..i only need to find the others who also read them….people i don’t know but have added to my 800++ page views. WOW! You guys make me so happy i could hug you all! ^_____________^



note: pics here are not mine, they are from the net πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Hectic Hectic .”

  1. Trisha Says:

    \(^_^)/ Yeeeey! πŸ˜€ Hehehe. I always read your blog! πŸ˜€

  2. Albeen Says:

    Is this my first comment? πŸ˜› Hahaha. Sankyu.

  3. ohmygackt Says:

    Yep Trisha, oo naman noh!! πŸ™‚ Ako din naman lagi akong updated dun sa mga posts mo! hahaha

  4. ohmygackt Says:

    yes alvin, this is officialy your fist comment, although you comment a lot of times about my writings through YM. Thank you for dropping by…again. hahahahha πŸ™‚

  5. maia Says:

    hahaha. ba’t ako wala sa hi? πŸ˜› i always read your blog. hahahahaha. guuuh. i loved the movieeee. walalang. ngayon ko lang kasi napanuod eh. πŸ˜›

  6. ohmygackt Says:

    wow!! talaga? you didnt tell me, kaya i didnt know. hehehe, sige i’ll edit that and add your name ^_^ *hugs*

    sabi na eh, maganda talaga yung movie! makakarelate talaga ang mga Health sci people. haha ^_^

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