Happy?… O.o

June 28, 2007

As usual, Ateneo greeted me with a nice Traffic. 🙂 Sweet eh?

Gawd, i was so sleepy during the Epi class this morning so twenty minutes before dismissal time, I was not listening because i can’t focus anymore. We talked about the kinds of data that we could acquire in a specific place and in a specific event. Good thing i wasn’t called. ..*phew*…or i wouldn’t be able to answer him AGAIN properly.

Because the boys ( Glen, Gie and Darryl ) haven’t done their prelab yet, i decided to stick around with them in Mateo while waiting for my tutor session. Wee~ Its the FINAL FANTASY GROUP get together! haha Fun Fun Fun 🙂 ( I can’t believe that i already did my lab report last night so as not to cram today….wooh! Lalalalalalala )

At 10:30 pm, i walked all the way to Seattle’s in Katipunan to meet up with Jay and Maia for our tutor. Ack! I was so nervous because we haven’t seen our tutor yet and he/she might be not that nice or something…..

When i got there, Jay was sipping some Strawberry milkshake and i got jealous so i got myself some. Wee~ Strawberry Milkshake is OISHI!! ( You see i love anything strawberry and milk….lovely combination…my favorite drink of all time. haha ) While i was waiting for my drink, a girl came in and looked at me as if she knows me in some way….so i told myself: “She must be our tutor… hihi“. Yep, i was right! She is a friend of our former tutor in math, Mam Helen, and she is taking her masters in Chemistry! I don’t know how to spell her name buts its something like “Juani”. hihi *peace*

EEeeeeep…it was so awkward at first because it was our first time to see her and all that but the discussion went on smoothly after some time. She was soooo good in explaining that Maia, Jay and I were like:

“OOOOOHHHHHHHH, ganun lang pala yun!”

We discussed about the pH and the pOH of sample problems and our tutor shared a joke from their school which is related to chem. ( Well for people not taking Analytical chem…for example to get the pH of H+, you get the -log of the H+ and then you get pH. hahaha That was just a nerdy talk right there! )

She said that the negative log of UP ( University of the Philippines ) is PUP!. Benta eh!

Wow, it was enlightenment at its finest!!! haha After our two-hour tutor session, we all had lunch together in Jollibee. 🙂 No, i didn’t buy any ice cream…cool. haha


If i said that officially like Sir Ian a few days ago…now, i officially love him!! What kind of Prof would give me an A” with the kind of Postlab that i passed to him?!?! I crammed that postlab, i had a lot of errors, inconsistent significant figures and i even changed some data because of some stuuuppppeeddd mistake. Let me just say, WOW! Okay, so i know that some people gets a lot of A’s but im such a stuupppeeddd shallow person so i’m happy with that. hahahahaha 🙂


Special thanks to Arnel and Glen who were with me during my cram hours! Thankies soo much!!!! 🙂

The second experiment was a bit easier to do than the first experiment. ( methinks… ) I like this one better! Wooh! The postlab will not be too complicated as well! wee~ *Happy Happy Joy Joy*. Sir Ian was so approachable too! Thanks to Patsee who patiently taught me how to compute for the Standard Deviation and the RSD after the lab. I think we got too excited after the experiment that we computed for the stuffs already! Heehee


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