A sigh of relief

June 26, 2007

Darn traffic….

Even though i left my house early as usual, i still got to school at about 15 minutes ( I usually leave one hour and a half before my supposed class time everyday…funky eh? ) before my class. Grrrrrrr…….. Why are the cars in Katipunan AND inside ADMU so uncooperative??!! I know they are on a rush or something to get their kids in school on time ( to the grade school and high school students ) so they try to squeeze their huge cars here and there and everybody gets stuck. Blah. Why can’t they just follow the traffic rules so the others wouldn’t be bothered by them?!?!

When i got to class, i immediately read all the readings needed for the Epi class since he said last meeting that there will be a quiz of some sort. ( I was not cramming since i have read them all yesterday…but every time i get stressed ..my mind just gets so BLANK that even you wouldn’t believe that i could get that dumb and stuuppeeddd ) I was so stressed that i didn’t even know which reading will i read first ( the news?, the article?, my notes? ). I was so paranoid last night reading every health related news that i could get my hands on and taking down notes. All in all, i was able to read 12 health-related news and printed the notes for each news after. I was even reading my notes in epi while driving. Yeah, no kidding. ^_^

You see, you could so do a lot of things when you are desperate. *wink* šŸ™‚


Oh yeah, we didn’t have a quiz…but he called some students to answer some stuffs ..including me *dies*. Gahd……i dont want forced recitations …i so hate them since i ALWAYS blurt out stupid things….things that I wasn’t really meaning to say. BLAH. Better luck next time….Boo. The only good thing that happened here is that i UNDERSTOOD the lesson…and that’s good. I just found it peculiar that out of all the news that i read, none of them were discussed. Geez……. Where do those people got their health news??!?!!?! T.T


After Epi, the whole class immediately went to Ching Tan room for our SA class. Our “real” teacher ( there was just her assistant that checks our attendance and stuff ) still wasn’t there but we had to listen to this talk about “Tuberculosis”. Gahd, listening to Dr. Jose Morfe ( from UST ) talk about Tuberculosis… was wow….illuminating. haha. I found out there were a lot of things that i didn’t know about the disease. I thought before that taking medications for it will last about a week or so because i thought that it was just a severe form of cough. Blah…okay, Stuuupppeeeeddd Ara Sandel again. haha Not to mention, the speaker was sooo good i explaining things. He was witty and funny too. šŸ™‚


It was like 12-ish when we got dismissed and me and my other blockmates proceeded to Colayco Pavillion to sign-up for an org. When i got there, me and Karl checked the ACES booth ( sorry dear, but i’m just not into cars…lalalalala ) and then I joined FAS ( along with other blockmates ), Freelance Art Society, and met upwith ID friends. ^_^After that, i proceeded to the Toujin booth and sign-up there too. While i was signing-up for it, i was also looking at Matsujun because of the Arashi video they were playing in the booth. WAH! Matsujun goodness! hahahaha šŸ™‚


I was supposed to go to Eiga Sai together with Arnel and some other people but i got so bummed and decided to stay at home and sleep. haha ^_^


After i got home, i immediately opened my email hoping for a reply from Sir Ian regarding my lab problem. WOW! You wouldn’t believe how relieved i was when he answered my distressed email and said that he wasn’t mad or anything and that he understood my point. GAWD! I officially like him . ^_^


*Phew* ..now i can breathe. haha


–> Oh yeah, I’ll be helping out in the Toujin ( anime org of ADMU ) booth tomorrow. So sign-up guys, ok?!?! Or else… hahahaha, kidding! ^_^



Before i forget, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend, PATRICIA ANN ROQUE!! I miss you! šŸ™‚





note: pic from Trish’s multiply. I took this with permission of course. haha


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