Trinoma Day and Post lab heartaches….

June 24, 2007

Awwwww …T.T One of my close friends in high school would already leave the country to study in Australia. I wish you the best of luck, Olga-beh! 🙂

Because Olga Ferrer will leave the country in the second week of July, she invited some of our high school barkada to eat in Gerry’s Grill in Trinoma as her sort of “Despedida“. Some people didn’t make it so there were only four of us there. It was not that bad since i did enjoy the company of my high school friends whom i have missed very very much. ^_^

The day was filled with “first time moments” for me. Why?


1) First time in Trinoma.

2) First time to eat in Gerry’s Grill.

3) First time to see Olga in short hair and with NO BRACES!. Gahd!

4) First time to walk around the mall….ALONE!

5) First time to buy something in National Bookstore by myself!


Wow! Wee~ I have tried five new things for the day! Very productive, eh? hahahaha LOL


When i got to Trinoma, i was shocked. I didn’t know a mall this nice ( and cute ) can exist , especially in the near-Caloocan area. You wouldn’t even think that it is a mall with all those trees and CLEAN fountains. There were a lot of greenery stuff and it was just…Awwwww…… ^_^ hihi Being the photography-sucker that i am, i took sooo many photos so i could post them here and show it to my family as well. 🙂




Clean fountains , i tell you. Yes, they work. ^_^



Because i got to Trinoma a bit too early ( Sorry, I’m such an O.C person when it comes to time, i NEVER want to be late ) , i took photos here and there of the mall. It was just intimidating that some people were looking at me because i was taking photos! Gawd….. What’s wrong with that anyway?!?! They also kept on looking at the things that i photographed and looking at it as if it is soooo ordinary and that i shouldn’t be wasting my time on inanimate objects. BLAH. Get a life!!


Too bad i wasn’t able to try this contraption out! BLAH! It so looks like the elevator is in the middle of a jungle! FUN! 🙂


I arrived in Gerry’s grill at exactly 2 p.m. ( the meeting time was 2 p.m. ) When i asked the waiter if there is a reservation for Olga, he said yes but we should wait until 2:15 pm because that was the time reserved for her. Since the others were nowhere in sight, i just waited patiently in front of the restaurant and took some more random photos. After a few minutes, Abilene came. WAH! I missed her too! We talked about school stuff and tried to catch up with each other’s lives. It was so good to hear that she is doing well with her course. ^_^ Then after a goodie five minutes, Olga came! She said that she went to the FIX salon so she got a bit late. We blabbed about some stuffs again and why they are migrating and all that. Gawd…. I can’t believe someone is going away already. Emo emo emo ara. T.T



Abilene with the red rose! haha



Olga-beh! Posing to the max! haha

At 2:20-ish, we already went inside the restaurant to wait for Tina and so we could order our meals already. Wee~ Olga-beh’s treat! haha ^_^ Tina arrived at quarter to 3 p.m. …..*sigh*….. late late late! hahaha Well, she said that she had other things to attend to and we all know that she is soo busy with so many things! BLAH. hihi


*sigh*…When she does that, all our anger just gets swooshed. Yay, for smiles.! haha


Wee~ Palabok galore!! ( YUMMY! )

While eating, i was also taking photos of random stuffs in our table because i was so restless that my hand just had to click my cam! haha


Awww….Mokona ish happy because he/she got a red rose! haha ( Mokona is a cellphone decor from Tina )



Tina and me…..fruitshake models! Kidding! haha 🙂 By the way, i had a mango shake and Tina got a melon shake ( ewww.. melon..haha )



Before our order came, i asked my friends about our high school yearbook. I don’t know why i asked but upon seeing them i suddenly remembered my high school days and i just wanted to be updated about the status of our yearbook ( which is still not released until now!! ). The answer totally made my heart sank.


“Nabura daw ng Saint Paul yung LAHAT ng files ng batch natin kaya hindi marelease yung yearbook.”


I know everybody commits mistakes and all that but erasing our whole HIGH SCHOOL LIFE in their database is sooo…. unbelievable!!! Totally stuuupppeeeedd of them! What right did they have to just ERASE ( ok fine, they “accidentally” erased it ) our high school life?! Our memories, our pictures, our four-year happiness…just ERASED. How cool is that, eh? Now they are telling all of us to send our graduation pictures and descriptions!!!! The nerve! They were the ones who erased it and now they tell us to waste time by going there and just passing things that they should be able to acquire by themselves anyway!! Gawd…..

After eating, we went around Trinoma to just bum around. BLAH


My Haven! hahaha The interior looks soo nice! 🙂


Wee~ Soo many toys!! These were the prize stuff in the arcade there. Me wants the dalmatians!!


Buy me this and i will give you a cookie! 🙂 Turtle RACING game! WAH!!!!



Dollhouse!! Awwww….i miss my OWN dollhouse which is sooo much nicer than this one! But it didn’t have stairs though. hahaha



STARBUCKS!! Now, that is just nice! 🙂 Wee~ They definitely have a super super nice spot!!



What a NICE view! ( I’m being sarcastic , of course )



The deck has mist machines!! FUN!!



She still looks the same! hahaha ^_^


Out of pure coincidence, we met Karla Rimban while we were walking about the Deck area of Trinoma! Gawd… I haven’t seen her for like 2 freaking years already! Argh!! Wow, she even greeted me with her signature Karla Rimban question:

Karla: “O ano Ara, tibo ka pa rin? “

Ako: ” BALIW KA! ”

Of course , she was just joking! haha LOL…high school is just….FUN! I miss it!

Because Olga and Abi needed to get home early, i just decided to stay in the mall by myself to walk around and because i needed to buy something. haha ( Tina went to North EDSA to buy stuffs for her church friend so she left earlier than us )


“Believe me, it is fun to walk around a big mall by yourself!”


Trinoma at night 🙂 ( oohhh , i see Mcdonalds! )

WAH! It was fun guys!! Too bad some people didn’t make it. I was not the one who organized this meet so for those that were not invited or something, don’t get mad at me, we shall go out soon!

Sa uulitin!


After my fun Trinoma day…i had to face my postlab when i got home…. T.T I don’t like to relate all the things that happened while doing my postlab…it was just HELL i tell you! But i want to thank the people who helped me out in my postlab even though i kept on asking nonsense questions! 🙂

Round of applause to Emil , Rands and Mike!! Guys, thank you! 🙂




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