Of boredom and goodbyes

June 23, 2007

Got to school very early again today ( like 8:20 am and i was already in Faura ) so I just started to do my postlab which is due on Monday. Blah, I’m still at a lost on what to do with the graph and all that. This just so happens every time….

Every first post lab equals to my very first mental breakdown. Guh.

The CS class turned out to be fine but it was just too dragging. Probably I’m just not used to having a three hour class but the class is really interesting…its just that my mind wanders a lot during lectures and exercises.

Focus mhan, FOCUS!

The second hour of the class was the most tiring since the teacher required us to read a couple of computer related articles in the net. My mind went “Eh?” because of all the computer jargon included in the articles. They were not hard to read or understand but there were just a lot of terms to reckon with. Too many for my brain to handle anyway.

I was so sleepy and hungry that i was not able to listen to some of the things the teacher said ( its not that i didn’t want to… but my body was like giving up on me or something ). Gahd, i might not last in this class…..BOO! Fortunately , the teacher was very ok so i can still bear the class.

We had two reporters today on softwares and artificial intelligence. Both of them reported very well but being the bias that i am, i think the Artificial Intelligence report was the most interesting. He even gave us this link that made us quite busy with our computers and some didn’t even bother to listen to him anymore 🙂


So you want to talk to God? Want to Repent?


So here is the link –> iGod



Gahd, it is so fun, i promise! You might even enjoy chatting with “THE God“. LOLZ.

warning: endless laughter ahead. hihihi 🙂 This is a sample of my conversation with the iGod. Hahaha, some of the answers are consistent with your question or comment but the others are just sooo “stuuupppeeddd”. haha


me: are you a man?

God: no.

me: are you a woman?

God: yes. I have a very long hair and I’m wearing a dress right now.


I’m so eating a lot these days. *shoots herself*. Blah, this is soo bad, i must resist FOOD. Probably I’m getting depressed lately and i just started to crave for sweet foods because they make me feel happy. *sigh*…RESIST!

I got my braces adjusted after my CS class. Gawd, why doesn’t my tooth MOVE?!?! It’s the only thing that hinders my brace removal. Once the small ( my dentist said that it is just a millimeter only ) gap is closed, it’s GOODBYE BRACES! Finally i’ll see myself again WITHOUT braces. So when was the last time that i saw myself without braces?…like FIVE FREAKING YEARS ALREADY!! Gawd! Wah, they are soooo soooo hurting right now..blah, i hate adjustment saturdays… *cries*



They shall be missed 🙂

Left to right: Mom, dad, Tito Mon, Tita Mariel, Nikki, me , Kobe and Ron.

Just a while ago my TITO MON and TITA MARIEL left our house for their flight back to the United States. They just arrived in our household yesterday and now they left. Blah. I miss them and my cousins in the States too. Gawd, its so hard growing up….you leave your family, your lifestyle and all that for a brand new life. i CAN’T IMAGINE MYSELF LIVING WITHOUT MY PARENTS AND SIBLINGS. T.T



Farewell pic of the day: Tito Mon ( my mother’s kuya and wee~ he has such a great smile ), mom ( Tito Mom and my mom has the same chinky eyes. lol ), tita mariel, and daddie ( pisu sign?!? hahahaha )

My brother, Ron, approached me a while ago and told me that there is such a thing as a SANDEL NOVEL. ( wow, a novel based on our surname! woot ). I decided to look for it and found it in Wikipedia.


The Novel , “Sandel” was written by Angus Stewart. It deals with child sexuality and pedophilia. ( WOW! ) Here is a jist that i got from wikipedia:


David Rogers is a 19-year-old University Student and he falls madly in love with 13-year-old Antony Sandel, head choirboy at the nearby boarding school. Tony Sandel is not only a boy of great beauty, but he has a superb boy soprano voice.


The young boy takes the initiative in developing an intimate relationship between the two. Tony is in love with himself as much as he is in love with Rogers and leads Rogers on – such as suggesting that he photographs him without his clothes on. Rogers then manages to get a job teaching at Tony’s school. After their relationship escalates through physical intimacy to serious sexual activity and Tony wins a recording contract, he lets slip the details of the intensity of his relationship with Rogers to a newspaper.


Tony’s aunt knows all about the relationship and sanctions it, suggesting that Rogers takes him off to Europe on an extended trip to escape the media attention. The relationship ends when Tony hurts himself at the airport just when they are about to leave. At the final meeting between the two, Angus Stewart reflects on the transient nature of child sexuality when Tony reveals to Rogers that he is finally growing pubic hair.



Gawd. This makes me want to read it. I think its cool. Hahaha. I’m being so biased here. LOL But it says there that it is a 1968 novel.. where the hell could I find a novel that is so old. Booyah.



2 Responses to “Of boredom and goodbyes”

  1. rem Says:

    uhh… yeah.. FOCUS.. that’s like.. hard to get.. XD seriously.

    anlabo noh? yeah.. passed by.. nagtatanggal ng stress ang lola mo bestieh.. sorry.. XD

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    thanks bes. *hugs*

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