June 19, 2007

We finally met our Epidemiology teacher and had our first class with him. Actually i like his class and his slight sense of humor is just great. Its good to see my other blockmates again and the others on the other block. Gawd….. I misses them very much. hehe

So this is what it feels to have no “block” anymore…. its sad. 😦


After the epidemiology class, we proceeded to the next class in CHINGTAN ROOM….Just a few steps away from the previous classroom. I could just remember myself back then, wishing that i had a class in this classroom because it was sooo cozy and cold. Goodie ^_^

We had a very very early dismissal in the class because our original teacher was not back from ….was it U.S? i couldn’t remember …so yeah, an assistant just checked our attendance and said a few shoutouts….and TADA….we are dismissed after what, 10 minutes??!! Great. 🙂

Because she said something about a required reading, me , caly, clang and karl went to the lib to have it photocopied already. Gawd, too many health sci people in the photocopy area and we were like laughing like abnormal people while waiting for our copies.

After we got our copies, we proceeded to the caf to eat lunch. WAH! I missed Caly and Karl! T.T While eating, we talked childhood shows that we liked. This included Blues Clues, Spongebob, Southpark, Daria, Teletubbies and a lot more.

Clang: ayoko ng Teletubbies kasi mukha silang mumu. *disgusted face*

Ara: Ok kaya ung Teletubbies, nakakawindang. *laughs*

Caly: Diba may bading daw dun?

Ara: Sa Teletubbies?….Ahhh…si ano…..*suppressed laughter*…..si TINKY-WINKY!

All: ROFL. 🙂

Then the discussion turned to Blues Clues and what really happened to Steve ( the host ). They said that Steve went wacko because of the things he did in Blues Clues…like talk to himself, the computer generated characters, sing like a weirdo and all that. Some said that he killed himself r somebody killed him…. after talking about these theories, the conversation turned so gruesome because of the possible reasons that we cooked up about the disappearance of Steve. hahaha ^_^

After eating, me and Clang walked to the LST at the back of the covered courts to go to the Tutok: Nexus exhibit for our philo paper. There were a handful of artworks there and i took some pictures of the main ones that i immediately noticed and appreciated.


Anghel de la Guardia- Mideo Cruz

This was one of my favorites… Sorry for taking a side-view pic of the artwork… i was just not sure that it would be ok to take pictures so this was like a “stolen shot”. LOL It was just a bit scary though and it was sooo tall. I think it was 9 feet or something. ^_^


White Lies – UGATlahi artists collective

I know that it is not soo visible to you, but this bed is full of “dead” bodies or something. Each “person” resembles a scarecrow and the bed has two pillows that resembles the symbol of the Philippines and the United States. This was just awesome.


Paraisado- Rampa- Dilaw/itim

Awesome artwork. The Cathedral/kart on the ramp was ….WOW! How did they make those??!! Ohhhhhh


Hapagh (x) – Buen Calubayan

This was , out of all the artworks here, is the best! The simple yet captivating ” ” sort of reminds me of my own personal struggles and the questions that i have been meaning to ask myself are written in the “chairs” here. Totally captured the Filipino cries…* two thumbs-up*

There were other works of art in the exhibit but because i was too tired to take notes of the the others i just used the extra time to copy the explanations for each artwork in my notes. LOL

Climbing up back to the parking was BLAH. It was so hot and i was even carrying a heavy backpack. Good thing Clang was there so i had someone to talk to. We just kept ourselves entertained by talking about so random stuffs and school life. ^_^



note: all photos were taken using my N73 phone. So yeah, its not soo clear, pardoness! haha



One Response to “Exhausted”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Patay na ba si Steve? 😮 Akala ko nagbabanda na siya kaya wala na siya sa Blue’s Clues. Haha.

    Mas gusto ko siya kesa kay Joe! 😛

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