Second week…fight-oh!

June 18, 2007

[ Because my car is coding today…that means i could only go home after 7 pm. So here i am in the lib typing this meaningless update because I’m depressed today. So be ready for a lame lame lame post. ]

Here goes:

The day started ok…..

I got to school very early… 45 minutes earlier. Since the CTC 102 class is usually empty ( even though there is supposed to be a “class” before us…a theology class, i think ) , I went inside and found Gie. Yep, early birds. The class was sooo quiet so even though we talked in low voices , it still seemed loud. Pft.

Talked about games ( again ) until some people arrived and the class got a bit noisy. I was really nervous today since i know i didn’t do that well in the previous exercise and that maybe i wouldn’t do well AGAIN in this one. The exercise was on the “pakikinig” skill.

E, makikinig ka lang naman eh, anong mahirap dun?

That’s what i told myself again and again so as not to be so paranoid and all that. The teacher said that he would be reading two essays to us and that we should listen carefully so as to answer the questions after every essay. The essay’s were:

1) “A Modernism in the works of Madonna” ( Yep, the singer. )

2) “Teaching Humanity

I immediately got my pen and paper to write down my “notes” for each of the essay. When he read the first essay….i felt my jaw, drop to the deepest depths…. It was unbelievable…. When he read the first sentences, i tried my best to take notes…but when he got to the middle part of the essay…i stopped writing. It was useless. I couldn’t understand it. T.T I felt like so stupid and it even made me feel more stupid when i saw the people still writing their notes.. still not giving up….Ack! Although from time to time, i could see people grinning and swaying their heads from left to right as if saying: “This is madness!”

Then after he was finished, he asked us:

“What was the article all about?”

Even though i didn’t understand a thing about the article, i still wrote some sentences on some of the things that I DID understood.

Social Hierarchy, division of classes and all that were the things i included there and i mentioned something about modernism…BLAH.

Then he read the next essay which was a sigh of relief to us because it was UNDERSTANDABLE. I didn’t use those technical mumbo-jumbo that seemed to proliferate the first essay. It was simple and had a lot of impact.After reading the second essay, he asked us:

“So according to Nussbaum, why do people need to be taught humanity?”

I was able to answer it, methinks. At least better than my previous answer for the first essay!! So after we passed our paper , he asked two of my classmates to share their answers for the first question. One of them said, he didn’t know and the other mentioned about Marx and all that. Sir Tolentino said that if we answered the first question:

“We are really ATENEANS”

I was like, “eh?

He said that Ateneans are “boleros” and whatever we have written there is “bola” ( which is true in my case… haha ) He then tells us that the first essay was not really an essay but something he found in the net. It was an example of an essay that was done by the “Postmodernism Generator“.

If you want , you could visit the site and find out what kind of essay our teacher read to us….oooohhhhh, NOSEBLEED.

Here is some excerpt from a generated essay in the site ^_^

” “Truth is part of the paradigm of language,” says Foucault. If conceptual narrative holds, we have to choose between subcapitalist theory and cultural neocapitalist theory. However, Marx suggests the use of capitalist predialectic theory to challenge and analyse class.


Conceptual narrative implies that academe is capable of truth. In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a structural paradigm of narrative that includes truth as a whole.


Foucault promotes the use of capitalist predialectic theory to deconstruct archaic, sexist perceptions of society. Thus, the main theme of the works of Eco is the collapse, and eventually the rubicon, of subdialectic sexual identity.


Baudrillard suggests the use of conceptual narrative to read narrativity. In a sense, Bailey[1] suggests that we have to choose between postdialectic theory and postpatriarchialist deconstruction.”


If you understood the texts above then you are not human. hahahahahahaha Kidding.

Sir Tolentino explained that we should not always accept what we read or hear. Yep, that is so true. THINK !

“Hindi lahat ng mukhang malalim ay malalim. Minsan ang simple lang ang siya pang may laman”.

He dismissed us early, YEY! Too bad we are not going to see him for the rest of the week because of some “stuff” he needs to attend too. haha

After that, Clang and I went to the OAA to get application forms for our siblings. Gawd, looking at the application forms again make me feel OLD. REALLY OLD. When was the last time I got so paranoid with application forms? 3 years ago?

Goodie, i understood the lesson in CHEM! Although my brain was lagging most of the the end, i got it! Wooh! Keep it up! Keep it up! <– retarded.


I got the installer for the Granado Espada game but i haven’t played it yet. Why? I just don’t feel the game. The graphics are nice and its totally not your ordinary online game, but its just too…Bland. But probably i would TRY to play it later…just for the heck of it.




2 Responses to “Second week…fight-oh!”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Hahaha, ang astig naman ng pakikinig ninyo! 😀

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    oo grabe feeling ko talaga napakabobo ko dahil di ko siya naintindihan….walang kwentang essay pala un….grabeh….may gulay. hahahaha ^_^

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