Happy Father’s day! ^_^

June 17, 2007

To all the dad’s out there, let me greet you a Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s day Daddy Goony!! ^_^ MWAH!


We went to church this morning right after my dad and my cousin arrived home all the way from Olongapo. ^_^ Hectic Hectic Schedules! T.T

The homily was fun because my favorite priest in Damar Village was the one who delivered it. Very very nice delivery of the gospel message. I reflected quite a lot while the homily was going on since i could really relate to it.

Why are we being good?

Is it because God is good to us and we have to share that to others?

Or are we being good so that we could be accepted in Heaven?

Contrary to popular belief, I DO go to Church. Hahahahahaha Not just that, I DO listen to the Homily!! ^_^v

After the mass, the dads in the church were blessed by the Parish Priest. I didn’t get a decent pic of my dad because he was in the back row. Boo.

Off we went to Teriyaki Boy to eat so as to celebrate the Father’s day! The place was packed but we still got decent seats.^_^ The food was awesome and i just can’t help myself but take pics of it! hehehe


Kani Salad! Look at those crab sticks! ^_^v


Chicken Teriyaki! Yummy Goodness! ^_^ ( By the way, this was not my food. hehe )



Tofu! I lurve TOFU!. Hihi



I forgot what they call this, but its some kind of Maki! ^_^ YUMMEEHH!



I didn’t eat a lot since i was not in the mood to eat ( is there such a thing? haha ). After we ate, we had numerous funneehhh pictures as a remembrance ^_^ As usual, I acted as the official photographer LOLS.

THE “Peace Sign”!

My mom, Daddy Goony and me ( whose hair is such a mess )

My cousin, Nikki, lifts Mr. Teri Boy. haha

nikki, Daddy goony and me. PISU! ^_^v

Kewl! Teriyaki Boy gave this to my Dad after we ate! CUTE! haha

Farewell pic for the day! Kiss Mr. Teri Boy! MWAH! hahahaha ( i look sooo STTUUUPPPPEEEDDD!! )



Me and Caly ( taken from Caly’s Multiply! Super old pic. haha )


One Response to “Happy Father’s day! ^_^”

  1. karl Says:

    waaah nakakagutom mga pics mo!!!!

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