Toyconish feeling

June 16, 2007

Getting up EARLY on a Saturday morning is no fun.

But looking back to my NSTP schedule last year ( which was 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm ), I sort think that my present saturday class sched is way BETTER. It starts from 9:00 am until 12:00 nn.

When I got there in Faura, I saw Iza and Rana and we talked about what the CS class is all about. None of us knew what to expect in the class so we just laughed and talked about other things. This is new for me, to bond with the XX1 people. LOL. But they are really really nice. ^_^ I miss my other blockmates though. T.T

The teacher for the CS class was very bubbly and laughs a lot. I think she is ok ^_^ We were asked to introduce ourselves one by one to her and to the class and utter something about ourselves. It was weird since this was the first time that I didn’t mention that I like anime and japanese things. Probably because i think almost all the people in the block already knows that anyway! hahaha So i just said that:

“I like Photography”

Which is true in every sense of the word, by the way. I’m really into this photography thing…… maybe if I could just get my hands on a great DSLR, then that would be swell. ^_^

Anywho, the lecture was very very dddrrraaaaaggggggggiiiiiiinnnnnggggggg, i swear! They were not really boring but I think the class was just too long, especially for a Saturday class. Ack! T.T Good thing the teacher was aware of that and gave us a 10 minute break after every hour of our class. *smiles smiles* So what i did was to surf the net and read some stuffs in my blog and all that. šŸ™‚ I wanted to chat with my seat mates ( Derrick, Mike and Glen –> we are on the same row… ) but mozilla got stuck and i wasn’t able to log in. Boo T.T

We were dismissed at about 11:30 am ( The teacher said that she would dismiss us 30 minutes earlier every Saturday. wee~ I love her already. hehe ) and we went directly to the HS dept. to wait for Mike to pack up his things and for Glen to finish his load rev form.

I saw Emil and Rands again. Wee~ I miss you both!! ^_____________^

When Mike got to the HS dept, we ( me, sam, derrick, gie, glen, mike and drew ) proceeded to Derrick’s van to go to Mega and attend the Toycon. Oh yeah, thanks to Mang Carding ( did i get the name right? ) for driving us there and looking after our things in the van! We love you Mang Carding! ^_^v Hahahaha

Do remind me to invite another girl next time because its hard to relate to what these guys are talking about. Games, games and more games. Ack! Fortunately i could butt in once in a while to laugh with them. hehe But aside from that, i still had riding with these guys. ^_^ ( even though i was the only girl there. hihi ) Because i was a bit bored while on the road, i took “emo” pics of some of the guys. Hehe.

First up was Drew….. ’nuff said.

Sam sad he didn’t notice that i took this pic. woohoo. i could so pass as a stalker!

Mikeness. Derrick took this pic by the way. ^_^

Wah! Glen! He always noticed when i take pics of him. Blah. That’s why he is laughing in this pic. hihi šŸ™‚

Because we were too “exhausted” because of our CS class and the trip, we decided to eat first. ( and that was actually we went to Comic Alley and some other stores we passed by ) We just ate in the food court to save on money. LOL

I ate this, by the way. Its Chicken Teriyaki. Yummeh!

Mike ordered this yummy looking Tiramisu “Fried Ice cream”. Yep, they place this liquid thing in a pan and all of a sudden it becomes a solid mass. LOL.

Plugging: A new store , i think, in mega. Bubble tea goodness. I didn’t order though…. but i think their machine is just awesome. Very very distracting. hehe

After eating, we immediately proceeded to Megatrade hall 2 to buy tickets and meet up with Derrick. ( who went to the Sony store to buy some HDTV cable of some sort. hehe )

I met Abi and Pauline AGAIN in the CR! How cool is that! They were both cute and stunning! Hope to cosplay with you guys in the future! Woohoo! šŸ™‚

Abi! šŸ™‚ The best Tifa cosplayer ever!

Pauline!!! Cutie Pauline who looked like a cross between Miwako and Misa! hihi

Ate Jewel, who looked so cute in her pink transformers costume! Goodie!

We got the tickets after and met up with Darryl inside the Toycon. I met my friend, Genotz, by the gate AGAIN. Argh, i miss her!! She told me that my bestfriend my was there and showed me a pic of her and Sib! Gawd…too bad i didn’t see Sib though. Boo. You go girl, dreams do come true!

The Toycon was jampacked! A lot of people were there and it was HOT! Blah. Our group kept on getting separated into groups of three’s and four’s until we see each other again in some booth or something.

The bands who performed was BLAH. They didn’t even sing anime or jpop songs that almost everyone can relate to. Geez, why didn’t they get those awesome bands who performs in Ongaku events? They are much much better and I like their type of music!

There were a lot …and i mean a LOT of TOYS in the TOYCON ( Yeah, that’s why its called TOYCON. hehe ) Even though I’m a girl, i am fascinated with toys! That’s why i enjoy being in Toy Kingdom than shop for clothes or shoes. Geez… haha They were just too expensive for me though. T.T Like those Lord of the Rings swords and stuff….. A whooping 19k for a particular Boromir’s sword or something. Ack….too much…


Awesome starwars! Luke and Yoda ^_^


Oh Yeah! The predator. Great!! ^_^


Chuckie Doll! Love his stitches!


Star wars. I love it!


Red Phoenix! Wee~


Red Phoenix in “Green”? LOL


These were just funny! Piggified faces! hehehehe



Leonidas! ( did i get the name right? ) HOT!


I wanted to buy this, but i didn’t have enough money. BOO T.T My Captain Jack Sparrow! šŸ˜¦


Life size super heroes! I love the Superman and The Flash! Their bodies were awesome by the way. Look at those “300 abs“!


Me, Derrick and Gie posing in front of the coolness super heroes.


This was like the best damn thing ever in the Toycon! I like the whooping 80k Samurai armor! Just love! If i could just bring it home and look at it forever and ever!

While we were looking at the different booths, i met up some cosplayer friends of mine there and I really missed them!!! ^___________^


Jameson as Jumong! Ack! I miss you JL !!


Gibs as …i dont know. hehe But his costume rocks!


Nilo and his friend. ^_^ Too bad i didn’t get a picture of Burikiboy. haha


Karina ( Kachan ) and Kune! ^_^ Wee~ Wafu wafu! ^_^


From NANA! Ate Jin, you are awesome. ^_^


OMFG!!! I saw my bestfriend after a long time!!!! WAH! This is Ate Noelle, me and bestieh Rem. ^_^ Gawd, i missed you, totally! šŸ™‚


Here are my blockmates, all of whom I have pestered to go with me to the Toycon. From left to right: Darryl ( Derrick ), Drew, Glen, Gie, Mike and Sam. ^_^

These guys, being boys, went “girl hunting” while I did my own “boy hunting” as well. Sometimes they even forget that I’m with them when they go on about their boy talks. Blah. hehehehe Do remember that you are with a girl. Nyahahahahahaha


Blurry pic but i don’t care!! MIGUEL MERCADO ( Oreo ) , you are love ā¤ ( ok, so i sounded like a crazed fangirl…. but I am his fangirl! Hihi )


I’m just really disappointed because I wasn’t able to buy a Manikako doll in the event. Gawd, my ManikaManila friends might hate me šŸ˜¦ Sorry guys!! There were just too many people and my migraine was killing me. Being the claustrophobic that I am, I wasn’t able to maneuver myself back to your booth because of the people. šŸ˜¦ huhuhu



The event was fun guys! Just because you were there with me! ^_^ *hugs each and everyone* Come on. Lets cosplay next time! ^_^ *wink* Battle Royale?? Woohoo!


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