Ohhhh, its friday.

June 15, 2007

Wee~ Weekend finally! ^_^ Its not that I’m already experiencing hell after having survived the first week of classes as a third year college, Its just a relief. wooh.

Wait, why am i being all “happy happy joy joy” here when I will still be having classes a class tomorrow?!?! Geez…..but that’s just a three hour class anyway….did i just say “anyway”….I think sitting there doing nothing for two hours is enough to drive me nuts and definitely RESTLESS.

The philo class turned out to be quite ok and actually pushed me to reflect on somethings about my life and all that. I didn’t know that a simple question could be the root of thousands more and that it never ends, even though you search for the answer. My mind was like clogged or something since I cant even think of a proper answer if ever I was the one being asked by the teacher at that time. Its probably just the “jitters” that i get every time there is a new teacher or something. ^_^ We were asked by the teacher to read the article called “The IKS“. It was an article about these “IKS” ( nomadic people who hunts and gathers their food ), who was in a way like every people. Heartless, not compassionate, selfish, gets all happy when other people fails and others. Yes, i think that every people are a so-called “IKS” in one way or another….reading the article made me realize that. At the end of the class, me and Gie met up with Darryl and the others in the caf. It was all “boy talk” for one hour, good thing Maia was there so I could like vent out some sighs here and there since we cant relate to what they were talking about. hehe

Ohhh……chem class, AGAIN afterwards. It was just the second meeting and I’m not liking it one bit. I mean there is nothing wrong in the class, but I just don’t like it…it makes me nervous and i feel soooo stuuupppeeedd and all that. We had a review about the acids and bases from all the three different definitions. LOL. Good thing i understood it, yeah,….i just have to keep this up and I think i would be fine.

Awww, i missed Karlness. I saw him immediately after our chem class. Gawd, i haven’t seen him for just two days and i missed him. LOLERS.

I immediately drove back home after some little chat with Mike, Glen, Gie and Derrick after the chem class. Go, Toycon! ^_^

I got back home at about 6:00 pm and after eating “dinner” ( a piece of bread ) we went to The Block to watch Fantastic Four: The rise of the Silver Surfer

( Somehow, when i want to say Fantastic Four I always end up saying Final Fantasy….. now why is that? ….sttuuupppeeddd ^_^ )

I don’t want to sound like a freaking critic here , but I didn’t like it very much. Don’t get me wrong, the effects are awesome … great great great. ( But still I think Pirates of the Carribean 3 has the best effects ever! The ultimate battle in the end is just INCREDIBLE mhan! ).

So why didn’t I like it?

Its because of the sizzling hot silver surfer….


You know what, i like the guy. He’s hot and shining shimmery splendid…. but he was just a bit too “soft”, get it? I mean , i was expecting a little more evilness in him leading to more action, eh? All he did was bust some holes here and there and then WHAM….he’s knocked out from his skateboard and even had the hots ( ok sort of, since he said that Sue reminded him of his girl back in his world…. ) for one of the leading characters, the Invinsible woman. Gawd…. that’s just pathetic. I’m stressing this out, MORE ACTION PLEASE. Talking about actions, the only thing that made me “excited” is the scene where the big blob of clouds ( i didn’t know what it is, do tell me ) was about to swallow the earth. Wee~ That was cool. ^_^

So, i just finished with what i hated about the movie, now we move on to what i did like. ^_^ Oh yes, the Human Torch. THE Hot Stuff of my life. He really shined in the second installment of Fantastic Four! Wooh! HOT HOT HOT HOT…and did i just say HOT?!


Oh Gawd…..*fangirl scream*….. If i may say so, i just literally blurted out :“SHET!!! Ang hot ni Human Torch. He’s mine!” Inside the theater! Yes, it was loud and the other people heard it. hahaha. The scene with him in just a towel and his body was like “steaming” or something…. ack *fangirl scream*. hahahaa

I just don’t like his chesthair. It’s too…. hairy. Hohohohohoh ^_^


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