Second day is just BLAH.

June 14, 2007

I got to school very early –> Read: 12 nn. My Chem lab class starts at 1:30 pm……

Since i didn’t have anything BETTER to do, I just stayed in the lib for one hour and a half doing what:

1) Reading a Haruki Murakami book that i haven’t finished reading until now. I love Haruki Murakami but his style is just too dragging in some parts of the story… @_@. On second thought, I just finished it at about 11:30 pm. The ending is nice and i like it being a TWISTED LOVE STORY just like that. Although the ending sort of “shocked” me, i think i knew what was going to happen in the end all along. It was too predictable that I just want to get it over and done with. ^_^

2) Editing some minor glitches in my blog. I’m suddenly becoming more O.C than usual when it comes to my blog. haha But I haven’t fixed the other pages here that doesn’t have any stuff in it. Ack! note to self: Update it SOON!

At 1:20, i proceeded to the lab class and almost all the people were already there. Just noticed something weird by the way…..Why does the chem classrooms stink so much?!?! I know that they have been working on the Schmitt hall for quite some time now…doing renovations here and there but BLAH…i just hate the smell of the classrooms…’s intoxicating. hahaha ^_^

I was not so used to having few classmates, especially last sem when the Org chem lab was sooo much FUN! The class was so big that I can’t even hear what the teacher was saying back then. But now,I was placed in the front and I just hate it a bit since I only have Patsee as my seatmate and no one else. I don’t even have someone in front of me! So much for having just 18 people,eh?

Eep! i was happy while we were checking in our stuff in the lab because I already have my own 50 ml graduated cylinder and crucible tongs! Silly shallow girl Ara. hahaha I just remembered myself being frustated because a lot of my chem stuff last sem were missing so I had a hard time doing the experiments. Darn.

Wow, first day of the lab class and my stupidity already got the best of me..tsk tsk tsk

Ara: patsee, help naman sa locker ko, di ko mabuksan…T.T

Patsee: *tries it out but failed too* 

Darryl: last year pa yan ah.

Ara: T.T 

Patsee: Issa, ikaw nga try moh….

Issa: Teka, ano ba locker number mo? * looks into my chem lab sheet thingie* …E, locker 34 kah! Bakit nyo binubuksan yung locker 33?!

Patsse & Ara: *toink* 

The teacher looks ok for me. He doesn’t seem very strict or whatnot…he seems….OK. The only fall back was err…he was a “bit” boring …or was I just too busy thinking of someone something else? haha. I love the “Balance room” by the way. It just gives me this nostalgic feeling in a good way. ( Get it? haha )

Glen asked me on YM about the lab teacher a while ago and i told him that he was ok and “stuff”. It’s just funny because the question plunged us both in talking about him being GAY. Oh well…

Glenn Alog: mabait ba prof niyo?
ara sandel : err…he’s kind of boring and parang bading pero …sheez, ok lang lang siya.
Glenn Alog: ara sandel: err…he’s kind of boring and parang bading pero …sheez, ok lang lang siya.
Glenn Alog : “and parang bading”…–> you read my mind
Glenn Alog : gay ba talaga?
Glenn Alog : nung kinausap ko…parang ang lambot niya eh
ara sandel : i think he is gay…my “GAYdar” tells me so. hahahahaha
Glenn Alog : yes
Glenn Alog : the GAYDAR!!!
ara sandel: or baka softee lang…pero ndi eh…there is “something” pag nagsasalita siya eh
Glenn Alog : naabutan mo ba si sir lasala sa bio?
ara sandel : YES! i just LOVE his denim jacket…ung may butterfly pa sa likod. wooh!
Glenn Alog : yes
Glenn Alog : same category sila
ara sandel : i know. wooh

Chatted with one of my close friends, Kirby , again. I feel sorry for the guy since he will be staying in the states for almost three years and he was not even prepared for it. It was like they told him that they would just have a “vacation” in the U.S and then….they never came back in time for June. ( start of classes )……That’s freaking hard to accept, eh? I mean, living in the states is probably fun ( i haven’t experienced it though… ) but going there in such an abrupt way and you were, as he puts it, not “mentally prepared” for it just sucks. Hang in there kiddo, you’ll be fine. ^_^

As usual, the conversation was soooo uncategorized and changed from one mood to another very abruptly. This guy could just be the most sweet and most funny guy ever depending on his mood. haha ^_^ *hugs*

kirboinks: nakakasawa na nga e.. hay.. cguro pro ka na sa pag dridrive ngayon?
ara sandel: ako? errrr…..”pro”….i dont know…di pa naman ako nakakapatay . hahahaha
kirboinks: aksidente?
kirboinks: hmm.. parang me naalala akong isa?
kirboinks: o mali ako?
ara sandel: errr…dalawang banga pa lang naman for the record…hehe

Yep, he didn’t forget to ask about my driving skills AGAIN.

kirboinks: cguro. pag bumalik ako dyan. graduation mo na. haha.
ara sandel: grabe , wag ganun. hahaha sobrang tagal naman!! seryoso ba yan??
kirboinks: teka. ilangang taon pa ba bago ka grumaduate?
kirboinks: tatlo?
ara sandel: hmm…1 year na lang after my third year…. tapos err…baka another 8 years for medschool. blah, bhala na.
kirboinks: what the. hind enamn ganun katagal.
kirboinks: mga tatlong taon lang ako mawawala.
kirboinks: tatlo e. noh. what the heck.
kirboinks: habang buhay paden un

T.T Ack! That’s just too long. booyah.

kirboinks: kase ang alam ko ang usapan namen magstay na lang ako dito pag ka graduate ko.
kirboinks: kaya masama loob ko sa mga yun.
kirboinks: at nag lalabs na ako ng sama ng loob seo.
kirboinks: wow.
kirboinks: guidance counselor?
kirboinks: suicidal hotline?
kirboinks: lol
ara sandel: sus. no prob. ok lang sa akin…. mas ok nga un at least nababawasan na yang sama ng loob since you could share it to someone. ^_^

I love it –> I’m a suicidal hotline! ^_^ Awwww. hahahaha

kirboinks: ako sinusulat ko labstory ko. haha. ampathetic noh? walang magawa e.
kirboinks: haha
ara sandel: saan sa diary mo? hehehe
kirboinks: i mean. alam mo yung love story ko talaga. pag pumapasok ako sa relationship. sinusulat ko mga nangyayare saamen.
kirboinks: so kung mag end man. ibibigay ko dun sa babae yung note.
kirboinks: book
ara sandel: OMG…thats just sweet. ^_^
ara sandel: and no its not pathetic…i like it. hahaha ^_______________^
kirboinks: sweryoso. alam mo yung gut feeling a migiging keo. pag naramdaman ko yun. nagsusulat nako sa nitebook. at pula ang notebook ko. haha. me mga remembrance pa sa bawat araw. haha. so technically puro kalat yung nakadikit sa bawat page ng nook boo
ara sandel: wow.. coolness!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahah astig, parang scrapbook!
kirboinks: alam mo in the end. magsosori ang babae. pero. hinde ako pumapayag sa recall e.
kirboinks: pag break break na. tama na ang isang pananaket.
ara sandel: tama. hay emo emo.
kirboinks: lelz. hinde ako emo.
kirboinks: baliw lang aq.

I’m really stressing this out, that was just sweet. ^_^ And yes, he is emo, eh?

kirboinks: ay tin
kirboinks: payo.
kirboinks: wag kang magsyusyuta. kase nga aalis ka na d ba. mahirap magiwan ng syuta pag nag kataon.
ara sandel: oo nga eh….wala naman as of now kaya ok lang. hehe ^_^ …….

If you are super-super close to me then you would know my nickname: Tin. Yeah, no boyfriends for me dear. LOL. 🙂

*Phew* He just doesn’t run out of great topics to amuse me. haha Pardon me for copying a lot of our conversations here….they were just cute. ^_^

note: HE is getting hotter every minute. Just stop breaking my heart, dear. You tear it up into little pieces when you do some “things“….STOP IT.



2 Responses to “Second day is just BLAH.”

  1. maia Says:

    ara sandel! may blog ka pala na bago?? haha. or luma na toh? anywaaaaay. 😛 blog hopping shiz lang. 😛 see you on monday. 🙂

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    yep, di pa kasi ayos kaya di ko muna sinasabi sa iba. nyahahahahahaha….

    and ang galing, you found my blog! wooh! hahaha

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