First day stuff.

June 13, 2007

One of the perks of having a not-so-early class is that you have more time to sleep ( which is my number 1 vice, by the way ) but it also has its share of disadvantages that i just experienced:

1) You arrive home ( or dorm/ condo ) very late.

–> Especially for those who live an hour away from school……like ME.  Wah! this is no good. I like my summer class schedule more … but nah…..thinking about those “I-want-coffee-because -it’s-too-early” ( oohhhh……rhyming! )  kind-of mornings every day made me think twice about getting early schedules again.

2) You will get no parking spot, you hear me?!?

–> Gawd. When i arrived in school, there were literally NO PARKING SLOT LEFT! So I drove to my “last resort” when it comes to parking… the cornfield it is! The area is not that bad but its just TOO FAR. Blah.

note to self: arrive in school earlier!! *shots herself*

I left the house at little past 11 am. I arrived in school at about 12:40 pm. NEAT HUH? almost two freaking hours just to go to school!! Grrrr.

Even though this might sound really retarded for me….i missed ADMU. I don’t know…probably because i missed my blockmates or something…but one things for sure, i really really missed SOMETHING. Whatever it is, I may never know. LOL

The first thing i did was to buy the 2007 edition of the ADMU sticker for the car. I didn’t have to line up, thank goodness. The process went well and I got the sticker after like….5 freaking minutes. haha ^_^ By the way , I saw someone who got four stickers for the car…gawd……and he brought them ALL to school too. NICE. ( The girl who was issuing the stickers said that having four stickers is NO BIG DEAL since someone even bought EIGHT Stickers. )

After that i proceeded to my philo class in CTC. I thought that there were only a few health science people in that class but i was wrong. There were a lot of XX1 people and me, gie, clang and mich–> block XX represent!! haha ^_^ The teacher, Sir tolentino, is ok i think. He speaks fluent tagalog and it really reminds me of my previous kick-arse Fil classes which I enjoyed a lot. ^_^ The readings for the class, thank goodness, are already “complete” and binded ( and i think they were just less than an inch thick ). Nice nice. ^_^ My Philo classmates are kind of ok, they are not that noisy and whatnots. Two of my previous blockmates, Ana and Soph, are also in my class! Wooh, D3 reunion!! ( Wah, kulang na lang si Trish, Kim and Bert! ) Some of the people there have already been my classmates before so I dont feel really really left out. ^_^ This might just be a great class after all. LOL.

Since we still had class, Gie and I looked for Derrick and the others since we still had a one hour break before Chakra! Since they were not in the Health Sci dept, we went to the caf and talked about random online games stuff and others. We were like loosing our minds when Derrick texted to say that they were in the Health Sci room. We talked about GAMES again and Glen’s suggestions for the fund raising were just the BEST! Havainas and sneakers for rent! Goodness…..where did you guys get all these ideas anyway?!

Now for Chakra time. The classroom was the same with the classroom where we had Gen Chem with her exactly A YEAR AGO. the only difference was that the classroom has been repainted and it stinks.. Booyah. I don’t like the chem class and i have a very VALID REASON why. I just don’t like it, period.

Before going home, me and Derrick validated our ID’s in Xavier and went home.

Awwww, i miss my other blockmates which I won’t be seeing in my M-W-F classes. *cries* I miss them!!!

Yey! No Epidemiology class tomorrow! Woohoo! ^_^ Will get up late AGAIN!


4 Responses to “First day stuff.”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Inggit!! Sana talaga naka-singit pa ko kay Tolentino! Di ko feel yung iba kong classmates sa Philo eh. Haha.

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    mayayabang bah? hehehe. nakoh, wag mo na lang pansinin. ^___^

  3. Kirby Says:

    wow. cofi gurl ka pala? hmm.. ayus lang yun. parking spot. kahet malayo exercise! wahaha.. pareho pala tayo border! uuwi lang sa bahay. kaen tulog. aral. school, parang robot. >..

  4. ohmygackt Says:

    e kasi naman sobrang aga eh. sobrang sabog pa ako nun malamang, kailangan ng coffee!!! ^_^ ………”dormer/border” tayo eh! haha

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