Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu ( Be with you )

June 12, 2007


Because i was still wide awake at 11 p.m yesterday, i loaded the movie, “Be with you or Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu” in crunchyroll and watched it. This movie was an adaptation of a novel by Takuji Ichikawa ( The one who wrote the novel, Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru!! ) Honestly, my blockmate, Sam, already told me about this movie and forced told me to watch it. Being the “master of everything romantic”, i decided to give it a try a few months ago. But because of the workload, i wasn’t able to finish the movie. I even thought the movie was no good because the first part of the movie was a bit dragging and I thought that the storyline was just bland. HELL, WAS I WRONG.



I would describe this film using that word ( points above ). It literally captured me. If i raved about how good, Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru was two days ago, this one was just WAY BETTER. Tada, kimi wo Aishiteru was very very good in a lot of aspects but the ending just lacked that emotion i was looking for —> the one i felt and eventually found when I watched “Be With You“.

The death of Mio ( right ) left Takumi ( left ) and Yuji ( middle ) to fend for themselves. Holding on to the promise that his mother would come back after a year during the rainy season, Yuji waited for that moment to arrive along with his dad.

Because of the picture book that her mother left him, Yuji thinks that her mother resides in the “Akaibu star” and would eventually return to them soon. While Yuji and Takumi were looking for the “time capsule” that  Mio and Yuji hid somewhere in the forest outside their house, they saw a girl with a very great resemblance to Mio sitting alone. “Mio” lost all of her memory and doesn’t even know who they were. Takumi and Yuji were happy that “Mio” came back and just told her that while they were walking in the forest she suddenly lost her memory. Little by little, “Mio” accepts that she really is Mio and that she is the wife of Takumi and the mother of Yuji. Mio asked Takumi to tell her about how they met and eventually fell in love.

As the rainy season reaches its end, Yuji finds the “time capsule” that he and Mio hid. It contained Mio’s diary and her version of the story that explains everything…..

Gawd, i don’t want to spoil anything to anyone but the story itself was very very good and Mio’s version of the story at the very end of the movie was the most touching of all. It actually reminded me of myself and how i act towards someone that i really like. I think that it was just the sweetest thing.

Probably the greatest scene in the movie. The setting was just very nice and fit for the movie.  

If I were in Mio’s position , i would have definitely done the same with no hesitation. T.T ( BTW, it reads, –> Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu or “Right now, i’m going to meet you / be with you “ ) It tells , us, the viewers that the important thing is not the “return” of someone in your life but the time you have spent with that very special person. That’s what matters ……. true. T.T *cries*

Now for the things that i didn’t like in the movie….. :

1) The fact that the movie didn’t explain why Mio died in the first place. BLAH. I know it was not such a big deal but i still want to know if she died because of some disease or an accident…..geez… hehe . I’m not giving any spoilers here since Mio is dead at the VERY START OF THE MOVIE.

2) The ending song of it. It was sung by Orange Range which is entitled Hana ( means “flower” ). don’t get me wrong but i LOVE Orange Range and the song is NOT BAD. Its just that the song , in my opinion, was not fit for the movie. The melody was a bit upbeat and I was probably expecting a more mellow/serene one just like in Tada, kimi wo Aishiteru. ^_^

A four leaf clover. This one is an important aspect in the movie. *wink*

 I was happy while watching the movie because i could already understand some of the things that they were saying and I could read the book that Yuji was reading everytime it was flashed in the screen. Thank you, JAP CLASS!

So yeah, WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!! * hundred thousand decibels* This movie is just wonderful………..T.T Oooppsss, i forgot to tell you…..BE READY WITH THOSE TISSUES!!


Added info: This movie would be remade by Hollywood!! Wooh! Just like what they did to Il Mare. The movie , which started to film this year, i scheduled to be shown in 2009 ( Blah…2 more years. T.T ). It was reported that Jennifer Garner already signed up for the movie which would be entitled, “Be With You”. Oh Yeah, can’t wait!



credits: to Designcronicle for the great great screenshots. As much as i wanted to take those screenshots myself, i couldn’t because of the video quality. BLAH.


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