Independence day shiznit. ^_^v

June 12, 2007

Got up very very early today because my brother and my cousin were making sooo much ruckus while fixing themselves for school. I tried so hard to sleep again , but i couldn’t so I just started to eat breakfast already and amuse myself by watching T.V

The first thing that I saw was the ceremonies in the different areas in the Philippines to commemorate the country’s independence day. Ack! I almost forgot…booyah.

To all Filipinos out there: Let’s celebrate the 109th year of our independence šŸ™‚

After browsing the T.V and watching random things ( like the Tyra Banks show, MYX, Nickelodeon and others ) , I felt all sleepy again and yep…i slept AGAIN.

Repeat after me: *sleepyhead*sleepyhead*sleepyhead*sleepyhead*sleepyhead*sleepyhead*

Ā Thanks to webmaster-tool for the Philippine flag picture. ^_^Ā 


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