June 11, 2007

Well, i ended up sleeping for 12 HOURS ( so half of the day i was off to slumberland ) because I slept “late” last night. ( but I was just up until 1:30 am! That was not VERY LATE )

Because the internet was not working , thus preventing me from watching “Be with you”, i watched T.V. Lo and behold , I chanced upon this local movie, VIDEOKE KING. Its not that I hate the local film industry , but I just don’t enjoy watching them. But for this one, I just HAD to make an exception and continued watching it to the very end even though I already KNEW what was going to happen.


Because Robin Padilla was in it!

If you don’t know me well enough, you wouldn’t know that Robin Padilla enjoys the top spot in my “local-crushes list”. I know there are others there who are younger like Sam Milby, Piolo Pascual, Jericho Rosales….name it…..they just can’t beat the “Bad Boy” of the film industry. Geez, he’s just sizzling and I don’t care if he already has kids and a wife…He’s still hot. ^_^ LOL.

The movie was BLAH but I kept on blurting out “OMFG, he is sooo CUTE” everytime he delivers his lines and it gets to those sappy sappy scenes typical of Filipino films. The only thing that kept me really distracted was the fact that they got POPS FERNANDEZ to play her leading lady…….UGH. WHY, people? That was just not right. T.T

My dad, mom and my little brother came home today after three days in Olongapo. Too bad I wasn’t able to go with them since I was busy with the registration last friday 😦 They brought so much groceries and chocolates! GAWD. I was looking like this –> @_@ with all the stuff they brought home. I’m such a silly silly shallow girl so food makes me happy. heh. ^_^

After cleaning their stuffs , my mom pestered me to have a haircut and to rebond my hair AGAIN. Since i was really really frustrated with my hair already, I agreed. I think it looks ok although if i could have it my way I would have added colored highlights like green or pink but nah….So the only problem now is my face which is still shedding off skin until now. Boo. I want to peel them ALL off but I constantly restrain myself though. hehe


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