June 10, 2007

Bad bad morning . ’nuff said. T.T

Watched music station after breakfast and saw ARASHI performing “We can make it!”( Theme song for the Japanese Drama, Bambino. Jun Matsumoto is in this drama so i WILL marathon watch this SOON. hehe )  Gawd, Jun Matsumoto looks freaking sexy in their white suit!!

love, love, love. Arashi is <3!!

ACK! Matsujun is pure LOVE.

Now, that’s just HOT. hahaha

Wah, Matsujun just has the best smile ever!! 🙂 ( he is the cute guy in the far left. )

Enough about Matsujun, i found another crushable crush from Arashi as well –> NINO!!! He’s just cute. hahaha

After Arashi’s performance, there were a lot of “oldies” songs performed by some japanese solo artists….. their songs were just not my style so i left the room for a while to take care of other things. When i came back, the two hosts of Music station were interviewing this weird-looking girl named UA. I don’t know what she was thinking of wearing “rags” ( i don’t like to be mean but her dress was literally “shredded”) and her hair…. ’nuff said. She has a great voice though…..quite raspy and “wind-y”. hahahaha

She doesn’t look japanese in any way but she sings very well.

I remebered that when I just started blogging, I got sooo addicted to online quizzes in Quizilla because of the results and the PICTURES! Back then , almost ALL my posts contained at least one quiz result from that or a meme result every now and then. Because i missed it too much, i surfed the Quizilla website to answer a quiz ^_^

How well do you know Gackt?  

You know so much about him! All of Gackt’s fears and hobbies and interests. He’d be pleased to have a friend like you to turn to when upset, knowing you’d be able to help him cheer up. Well done!
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |
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I don’t like Gackt here, his hair is all messed up and it looks ridiculous but HOT still. *LOL* Even though i swoon everytime i see Matsujun on t.v. ( I seldom see my Gackt on T.V…..i probably only see him in music station unlike Matsujun who is like a mainstay in ABS-CBN…. *cries* ), my heart still belongs to THIS GUY. I have been listening to his song, REDEMPTION, for the nth time now. I don’t know, this specific song makes me all giddy and happy…..freakish. Maybe its the guitar riffs or maybe because its just….. GACKT.  ^_^ His vampiric voice just makes me forget all my problems and fills my head with happy thoughts. 🙂

Darn…i just realized it now, i only have 3 days of vacation left. 😦 *whines*cries* Yeah i will see my friends again but just thinking of the workload makes me cringe already. WAH! I just want to stay like this forever and ever but nah……. say hello to readings, readings,readings, MORE READINGS, sleepless nights, lab reports, MORE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, eyebags, Fs and gah, need i say more?

Oh yeah, im getting a new hair this tuesday…… lol. im sick of my hair these days and makes me want to shave it all off! hahaha….Let’s just see what i can come up with my hair this tuesday…..and cool, just in time for the first day in school. wee~

Credits: to Tenjostyle for the Arashi performance screenshots. ^_^ Do visit her site, its all ARASHI and MATSUJUN! 🙂

UA pic is from the net, its not mine ^_^


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