June 9, 2007

Got my braces fixed a while ago because one of the brackets became too wobbly for its own good. ( Might be because of too much Chips Ahoy! hahahaha ) The dentist didn’t return it back in place though because I might say “Bye,Bye” to my braces SOON. Oh YEAH. The new adjustments to my teeth are a pain though….a short piece of the metal keeps on brushing against my lip and it hurts a lot…..geez…..

Because i felt that my itunes playlist was getting too old, i decided to download new songs ^_^ I downloaded a lot of GACKT songs, ARASHI songs and ALL of the versions of BECAUSE I’M A GIRL by the Korean band, KISS. ( No , not the rock metal band with hideous face paints * ok, so KISS fans are about to kill me now.haha* ) Upon listening to the International version of Because I’m a girl ( don’t ask me why its called “international”…they just mixed all the different versions together. So each verse or stanza was sung in a different language and by different people ) , I suddenly heard a very familiar language…..TAGALOG. Yes people, i just found out that one of my favorite Korean songs was sung in TAGALOG…wow, how convenient. As much as i love my country and my language, the Tagalog version was just…..BLAH.

Update on ROSE online: I finally reached LEVEL 50!

Here is my character , still indifferent to the goal that we just reached. haha ( Note her cuteness “Yutaka-like” outfit that i got from a quest….it just looks sooo good on her. By the way, it doesn’t look good on guys though, i feel like they are wearing bathrobes.. ahaha )

Since i reached level 50 already , i was able to buy new stuff for my girl….i dont like it though, it made my character look very very boyish i tell you. No wonder everyone calls me “kuya” in the game. Goodness….

While leveling up my character a while ago, one of the fighter clowns dropped this REALLY REALLY CUTE OUTFIT. Now I feel my character could really kick arse. 🙂 Is she hot or what? hahaha

I FINALLY got a CART by the way. Gawd, it stripped me almost of all my zulies… Now im left with about 40k from 560k . 😦 Im officically POOR. *cries* But geez, if i could have THIS, its ok. ^_^ * dances around the room*

I was having fun driving with my new cart until THIS happened! Because of the lag in Junon Polis, my cart got stucked inside the bridge. Instead of getting mad i was laughing so hard because it looked so ridiculous. Now i just dont have a cart, but a FLYING cart as well. hahahahahahahahahahahaha:D


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