Hell day….*ahem* Registration day

June 8, 2007


Those words echoed inside my head as me and my blockmates were listing available classes for our philo class that were not yet closed this morning. I probably just experienced the worst registration in my college life ( well, the registration during my shifting process was hard too, but at least i still got the classes thatI want and needed. @_@ ). Darn that random number, it was one of my worst EVER.


Why did it have to fall on the 300++ range?!?!?! 


Even before i ventured to school this morning, i tediously prepared all the possible schedules that i could get. Given that i had a very bad random number, i just felt that i HAD to be prepared no matter what. So i was up until 2 am this morning fixing my freaking hopeless schedule…..

I arrived in school a little before 12 nn ( way way before my scheduled estimated time of arrival which is 1:40 pm. haha ) since i wanted to check up on the closed classes and scratch them out of my choices for the Philo class.

Last night i was really decided to take Buenafe as my Quantitative analysis lecture teacher since anything is much better than Chakraborty. But hearing all those experiences with Chakraborty again, i kind of missed the fun moments. Besides, she is not THAT bad since i did get a decent grade in her subject last year. So yeah, i got Chakraborty AGAIN for my Quantitative analysis lecture…Let’s just hope that it was a good decision. ^_^

Going back to the Philo issue, my blockmates were really game to get Manny Dy even though his schedule was *gulp*…hectic. It was 6:00 to 7:30 pm during tuesdays and thursdays. *toink*. They say that he was like Ambeth Ocampo….only now he teaches Philosophy. haha. But arriving in the assessment area in the second floor, we saw that almost ALL the good teachers and good enough schedules were practically GONE. All that was left were some teachers that we didn’t have any feedback on and those *shudders* Terror teachers…..

When it was almost our time to go up to the third floor to register, we were all listing down all the classes that had a good schedule –> and we didn’t even care who the teacher was ( but we still avoided the terror ones at all cost! ).

Upon arriving in the registration area, all of us ( Iza, Gian, Darryl, Marin and Me ) were constantly looking at each other and asking what the other one took for his/her class and all that. So after less than 10 minutes, we finally enlisted all our subjects except for PHILO. That’s just nice, don’t you think?

So all of us ( except for Iza who got enlisted to Buenafe and Strebel for her Quantitative analysis and Philo respectively ), had to line up to buffer for our Philo classes. It sort of made me feel a “bit” better seeing the number of people who are having the same problem that we have.

“At least we are not alone….”

 When i had my turn for the buffering purposes, ALL THE PHILO CLASSES HAD LITERALLY 0 SLOTS!!!! and i really mean a whooping 0!! So the girl who is in charge with the buffering job ( I think it was one of the Philo teachers, Paclibar ) chose a suitable schedule for me. I was supposed to get Pasco, but i asked her if i could get into Soh’s SS class and she said that we were not supposed to choose any classes anymore since we are just going to be “extras”. But i persisted and told her that Tolentino’s class would be very nice for my schedule and wouldn’t conflict with anything….and she agreed. Goodie.

Now: next problem –> will i have someone that i know in that class?!?!!?!??!

  Darryl asked Ms. Paclibar to be in the same class that i was since we have the same schedule anyway but she told him that we needed to be distributed to all the available teachers….after a bit of picking out in the part of Ms. Paclibar, Darryl got a Tolentino class as well but his class was just earlier than mine. 😦 *cries*

Marin also got a Tolentino class and got the same class as Darryl’s….*cries some more*

Now, im going to be alone in that Philo class….. 😦

All that’s left was Gie’s Philo class….. we waited for him outside the reg area so all of us could pay our tuition already. I was literally on the verge of tears expecting that he got another class and i’ll be left alone in that philo class….. T.T <– i was like this.

After his reg, I was so relieved that Gie got the same class as mine …..gawd, at least i know someone already! Actually anyone would do, any blockmate or any friend that would be in that same class as mine would be swell. ^________^


This, guys, is what you call DIVINE INTERVENTION. We had the worst random numbers but we got a nice schedule and a good teacher at that!


All went well during the payment procedure because there was no line and it only took about 10 minutes or less. 🙂 We just didn’t get to validate our I.D because it was closed already. Oh well……


Final note: Thank you guys for sticking out with me throughout this reg day!!! We made it! 🙂 To Derrick, Kevin, Teej, Jay, Iza, Nonoy , Gie –> Wow if it weren’t for the update calls, the laughtrip moments during the reg and every minute panics i might not have made it out alive. hahahahahaha

No, really, guys …..Thanks. ^_^ much love from me.


 And yeah, amidst all these problems, i was VERY VERY HAPPY. ’nuff said.


6 Responses to “Hell day….*ahem* Registration day”

  1. Trisha Says:

    Gusto ko sana talaga mag-Tolentino, kaya lang wala nang slots, so I got Soh.

    Haha baliktad tayo! Si Ana, Tolentino ang kinuha for Philo. 😀

  2. ohmygackt Says:

    ok naman daw si SOh trish e. ^_^ weeeee~ mabait daw un and di ganung kahirap. si Ana nagtolentino rin?!?! yey! sana dun din sa section namin. hahahahaha, tagal ko nang hindi nakikita un eh. hahahaha

  3. Trisha Says:

    Ano ba section mo? Yung 1:30-2:30 class yata yung kay Ana, sa pagkakaalam ko. 😀

  4. ohmygackt Says:

    un din amin eh!! section PP!!!!! wah! sana dun din sya! hehehe

  5. Trisha Says:

    Tama, tama! PP!! Naka pre-enlist siya kasi part siya ng LSAT, yung nageenlist sa RegCom! Waaaw magkaklase kayo!!!! 😀

  6. ohmygackt Says:

    wah!!!! me sooo happy!!! YEY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 hahahahaha

    astig, nakapre-enlist na. Parang ang sarap tuloy maging part ng LSAT! no hassle. hehe

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