Otanjoubi Omedetou! ^_^

June 7, 2007

Wee~ Happy Birthday to me 🙂

I thought Ara forgot that it was my birthday tomorrow since she was soooo busy fixing her schedules so i was really surprised that she got me a new purple dress for my birthday and we did a mini-photoshoot for my birthday. ^_^



 There were no cakes though although she told me that she did want to buy a little cake but BLAH…that’s Ara she just makes a lot of plans but ends up not doing anything…..tsk tsk tsk.

Ara first took pictures inside her room which had a very bad lighting ( it had WHITE lights ) that just wasn’t good for a photoshoot. So she transfered me to their living room which was all cozy and cool.


 I like Ara’s concept here, i just hated the lighting and my hair was not fixed…boo *_*

Ohhhh….the blinding lights…….. ( Ara adjusted her camera’s technicalities to achieve this effect…very light )

Silly Ara, she didn’t even noticed that my necklace was not arranged properly

Here is my picture in their livingroom….nice nice lighting

*points to the left* They have such nice collection of porcelein figurines. ^_^ By the way, my hair is a mess!

 Great^_^ A nicer version of the first pic that she took. haha

Now , where are YOU looking, eh? hahahaha

My outfit for that night. Wee~ Thanks Ara for the purple dress.. teehee

Just look at that hair..MESSY. haha But i still look good, I KNOW. ^_______^

Bird’s eye view version. haha. 🙂

No, im NOT seducing you . ^_^

Wee~ That was fun. ^_^


One Response to “Otanjoubi Omedetou! ^_^”

  1. PitchBlack Says:

    waaa~ kawaii~ ang cute~ ^_^

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