Of fixing ( damn ) schedules

June 7, 2007

I got up pretty early today so i could already prepare my schedule for tomorrow’s enrollment.Even before i did look-up the schedules, many of my blockmates were already asking me the teacher/section that i will take up for my Chem, Philo and Polsci. But being the crammer that i am, i only looked up the schedules TODAY ( and the enrollment will commence tomorrow! ) …….. Gawd, they were not kidding about the available schedules for the Philosophy class……there were a LOT, i tell you. @_@

I copied all the schedules for all of my subjects and printed them so that it would be easier to fix the schedules that way. Good thing there were at least three subjects that are quite fixed ( SA 112, HSC55 and CS 187.1 )  and i used them as a “base” of all the available schedules for the first sem.

There was not much of a problem for the Chem class because there were only two choices and the Polsci , well…..i was just down to five choices because there were a lot of closed classes anyway. The Philo was the most problematic of all…..gawd….why, why why?

I was about to lose my mind, so i texted some people to ask who they will be taking for the polsci, philo and chem. A round of applause to Rands who helped me out a lot and to Darryl who reminded me how silly i was for even thinking about the polsci subject…..WHEN, I WILL NOT BE EVEN HAVING IT THIS FIRST SEMESTER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Boo…..I just TOTALLY forgot. Goodness, Thank you.

So yeah, with one subject down the drain, i thought it would be better….but it was still messed up. 😦 I got so frustrated so i decided to sleep on it a bit. Cool, a “bit” turned out to be quite a few hours. haha Before i went back to the freaking schedule, i did a mini-photoshoot for my BJD because it will be her birthday tomorrow. ^_^

Upon going back to “misery”, Darryl and I decided that we should have a conference together with Gian so we could fix the schedules. ^_______^ Instead of talking about the subjects ( well, we did talk about them for a bit ), we just talked about sooo random stuffs that was one hell of a laughtrip. 🙂


Gian Gutierrez : ARA buy a dance scroll and post it on youtube…      coldheartedmaniac: dapat ikaw din! tapos irecord natin hahahahaha <– singit.       Gian Gutierrez : masaya. junon polis tayo maya tapos sayaw lang!!! LOL coldheartedmaniac: hahahaahahahahhahahhah, adik! LOL.

darrylalain : oooh
darrylalain : soh has a T-Th 6:00-7:30 class
darrylalain : niiiiice
darrylalain : *pm
coldheartedmaniac :))
darrylalain : hmmm
darrylalain : technically
coldheartedmaniac : uhmm if ever we get chakra, ok sana ung sked after our lab class…..pero blah…..
darrylalain : we can choose his mwf classes according to what chem class we get
coldheartedmaniac : ang tagal nga lang ng break natin. hahaha tambay galore. hohohoho
Gian Gutierrez : gaano katagal?
coldheartedmaniac : hmm… for tuesdays ( if we do get Soh’s 6-730 class ),,, mga 6 hours… hahahaha, tama ba?
darrylalain : ouch! >_<
Gian Gutierrez : i ain’t gonna get that long a break ya hear me
Gian Gutierrez : na ah baby.. no way
darrylalain : yeah, the psp’s battery only lasts for 4-5 hours ( 😀 )

coldheartedmaniac : pareho tayo dear. @_@ wala akong confidence most of the time…..and napapalibutan pa ako minsan ng mga mayayabang sa school…. like “ang baba ko sa quiz…1 mistake…SHEETTTTT ).
Gian Gutierrez : i not only pity such fools but wish them ill in all their love lifes. (hehehe)
Gian Gutierrez : *lives
coldheartedmaniac : True true. haha ^_^ sarap sapakin eh. *kapow*…
Gian Gutierrez : tapos pag mas mataas ka. nakowpoh
coldheartedmaniac : yeah. ang aliw ng feeling. parang “o, ano, ha?”. hahahahahaha joke lang, ang BAD.
darrylalain : ok lang. stuff it in their faces.
Gian Gutierrez : maglabas ka ng tinapay
Gian Gutierrez : pasok mo test mo tapos
Gian Gutierrez : “want condiments with that *****?”
Gian Gutierrez : 😉
coldheartedmaniac : =)) wow, i want to do THAT . hahahaha

These guys just ROCKS! They don’t even get mad when i call them different names ( Derrick for Darryl and Gie for Gian. At least they are not that bad. haha )

Gawd, need to sleep already……this schedule just “killed” me. Seriously.


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