Are you infected?!

June 5, 2007

Got up late as usual because of too much online gaming. hahaha ^_^ I emailed Doc Sio before i even ate breakfast because i was getting paranoid to what the subjects I was supposed to take this first sem, thank goodness he responded right away. hehe

After eating breakfast, i passed by my brother’s room and decided to talk to him and see what he’s up to. He told me about this movie, 28 DAYS LATER which he just finished downloading a few days ago. Then it hit me : There is a movie, 28 weeks later that me and my blockmates were supposed to watch but didn’t push through because of the time. ( So we got stuck with “Lucky You”…..ewww….. i didn’t understand most of it! ) He told me that 28 days later was a prequel to 28 weeks later but the former just didn’t get enough “exposure” so not so many people know about it.

Since im such a sucker for horror/gore/zombie/ type of films, i watched it in my brother’s computer since he hasn’t burned the movie yet in a DVD. I think the movie was nicely done when it comes to the effects and props ( LOTS of BLOOD, yeah! ) but the plot/storyline was just bland and even the action wasn’t really there. It was sort of like a suspense kind of film but not that scary that i closed my eyes and all that. BLAH, it was not good for me but actually not that bad. It was just lacking the “IT” thing that im looking for in those kinds of movies. haha 🙂 Now, all that’s left for me is to watch the sequel to it, can anyone lend me a DVD of it.? ^_^

This day also marks my little brother’s first day in his gradeschool life. Because his class are so early, my mom was the only one to take decent photos. ^_^ Congratulations lil’ bro! 🙂

by the way, will you just look at that traffic?!…Gawd……..

This is his BIG nameplate 🙂 I was the one who colored it using different shades of colored pencils. ^_^ The lineart was given to them by their adviser after their first day class.

After watching the movie, i opened my computer to PLAY again. haha Then i saw this picture of a coolness frog that was one of the new species discovered. It was just awesome!!

Wow! i just love his glow-in-the-“day”(?) purple spots! love love! ❤

My cousin, Nikki, just arrived today all the way from Olongapo ( from her haven of korean telenovelas, Mcdo and chocolates )  because my brother and her school will start tomorrow ( They are classmates. How fun is that?! )


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