Family day at The Block

June 4, 2007

I arrived in Ateneo at quarter past seven and i already saw a long line of people waiting by the covered courts. Because of my previous experience with the Hold Orders, ( which i already cleared last year! argghhh, They should really check on their records or something. Causing a lot of students to line up to clear their hold orders is hard enough but making the other INNOCENT students line up just to find out that they are ALREADY CLEARED is just BLAH. ) I immediately looked my name up in the hold orders list and……*phew*….good thing my name is not there anymore. ^_^ *grin*

Because i got there pretty early, i got my hands on that report card very early too. It probably just took me a minute to get my card. ( minus the 20 minutes that i have spent WAITING for the regcom to start distributing the cards. )

The grades are GOOD. But i’m not really happy though. I still am aiming for something HIGHER than that! I don’t want to sound very “proud” and all that , but i’m still not SATISFIED. I still have a lot of THINGS to fix in order for me to work THIS out. @_@

After getting my grades in Ateneo and copying the names of my brother’s classmates in the Ateneo grade school, i immediately went back home. By the way, i was not the one who drove the car since:

first: CODING

second: My car doesn’t have gas anymore

third: I’m soooo lazy to drive


Because this was technically Kobe’s last day ( since his school will be starting tomorrow ), the whole family went to The Block ( AGAIN ) to treat him and watch a movie as well.

Upon arriving at The Block, me, kobe, ron and our 2 helpers went to Toy Kingdom to look for Kobe’s toy. ^_^

Here he is goofing around with the monopoly guy in front of Toy Kingdom

We walked around in circles inside the toy store finding the right toy ( while i was taking picture every now and then of random things inside the mall ) when i spotted THIS!:

Now, whoever buys me this will get a cookie. ^_^ Wee~ I LOVE IT! Duuuudddde! 🙂

Awww…Toystory memories! I love the Barrel Monkeys in the movie! 🙂


This set reminded me so much of my soldier character in ROSE online so i took a picture of myself wearing it. ^_^ Gawd, risky picture. ( please dont mind my weirdo face here, it sucks i know. hehe )


While we were looking at the toys there, a lot of the staff ( guys…. ) kept on getting close and started to blab about why this toy is great and why that toy is superb…blah blah blah. They also kept on “looking”…geez…

“First time to see a teenage girl in a toystore???!!” ( I just said it to myself though . haha )

 So i distanced myself a bit so Kobe could find his toy and looked at some stuff for myself ^_^ I got caught up in the Japanese anime action figures which cost about 1k++ each. Gawd, if i really had the money I WOULD BUY THEM ALL!! Those intricate details and quality are just LOVE! 🙂

After that, i looked into the artsy-fartsy kind of action figures which are composed of expensive characters from movie kind of action figures and i saw these! :

Neat huh? I just don’t know who this character is and where he is from. haha

WAH! a Captain Jack Sparrow doll! This is quite tall compared to those small action figures and costs about 3k at maximum. ^_^ Buy me this and i’ll love you. Seriously *evil grin* hahahahaha XD

So yeah, after i got so wind up in my own childishness, my parents paid for Kobe’s chosen toy –> a Power Rangers SPD sword of some sort. haha ^_^ By the way, before that happened, i was told by the security guard to stop taking pictures because it was not allowed…… tsk tsk tsk…that made me feel REALLY REALLY BAD. Geez, i’m just using this pictures for blog purposes and nothing else anyway……gawd……

We went to the top floor where Quantum was located so we could leave Kobe and our two helpers there to play. But on the way there i saw this new store near Quantum that was named Cockhouse…XD

Now people, why name your store like THAT?! Freaking weird and there are a lot of guys hanging around there too…watching cock fights….tsk tsk tsk….

My dad and ron went to their gaming stuff and me and mom went to National bookstore to do the dirty work…shop for school supplies. ( Now people, i know this is not the hardest thing to do but shopping for school supplies on JUNE is just MADNESS! XD Being the claustrophobic that i was, i got so dizzy that i even left 1 baggage that i was holding somewhere in the mess that was NATIONAL BOOKSTORE. Good thing someone found it though and surrendered it to the customer service. Yey ^_^ )

 We were actually planning to watch Fantastic Four 2 but we settled on Shrek 3 instead. ( Silly old me who didn’t even know the exact date of the Fantastic Four 2 showing date , but i DID ASK the people inside the house if they are sure that the movie is already released before we even went to SM The Block.. and Kobe said that his friend was telling him that they ALREADY WATCHED THE FREAKING MOVIE IN THE THEATERS!…so tell me again, HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? *wink* )

 The movie was sooooo cute!!! I really loved it!! The concept of Shrek is just amazing! I was laughing harder than Kobe in the theater which made me look like a retard. XD I can’t help myself, there were just too many cutey scenes that reminded me of childhood. ^_^ I know a lot of people didn’t like the movie but I SURELY DID!

I was literally curling up in my seat whenever i see this….. This is too CUTE!!!!!! Not to mention Antonio Banderas was just PURRFECT for his role as Puss in Boots. Gawd, that HOT HOT HOT voice! *melts*

And who could forget those CUTEY Shrek babies!!!! wee! I might just grab a baby Shrek stufftoy soon because i can’t just get enough of them!!!! Wee~ Too much green. LOVE!

note: Shrek pics are not mine ( last two pictures here ), i found them in the net ^_^


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