Avatars :)

June 3, 2007

I saw this Korean site a long time ago that lets you create cute, shiny and doll-like avatars. 🙂 So while surfing the net a while ago, i stumbled upon the cutey site again and made another avatar. ^_^

Elouai Candymaker 🙂

The site is very cool and you could create endless unique characters! From hair, pets, background, borders, tops, shorts/skirts, shoes..name it! You could really customize it all! It is so easy to use too! No more of that registration shiznit, just click away! haha

Wee~ She is sooo pink and bluey 🙂

( by the way, it took me 30 minutes to create my avatar @_@ ) She is supposed to be moving but i don’t know how to integrate javascript with the XHTML here in wordpress yet, i still have to work on that 🙂 Gawd, this is so addicting! I might just find myself creating dolls like this one after another. Its just freaking tiring and causes me pangs of headache once in a while because of the shiny colors and moving backgrounds! @_@ 😀

 Well, i played ROSE online ( DUH?! ) again and I’m actually thinking of stopping already since i feel like i don’t have any direction in the game anymore 😦 Probably because i can’t move from this quest that i still can’t finish because of some glitches with the game itself probably 😦 BoO……*cries*. The only thing that keeps me playing is the fact that i’m nearing level 50! Which means that i could already buy a “car”. hahaha ^_^ Goodie!

Watched a bit of The Buzzafter sleeping for 2 hours ( starting from 3pm to 5pm. Yes, im a sleepyhead *_* give any kind of bed and i will sleep right away. haha )….and all i can say is: GET A LIFE

I mean, the split between Ruffa and her husband is just too overrated. The media should stop harassing those two for “scoops” as they call it since its THEIR LIFE people! Yeah yeah they are famous and all that and you guys could get money by making each party look bad but geez, why are we focusing on these kinds of things?! They are UNIMPORTANT!!! Why do you give so much airtime to issues such as splitting of famous people ( which is becoming quite a fad nowadays if you ask me… ) when we should be diverting our attention to things that actually NEEDS IT. Is the girl who “is in the most expensive hotel in las vegas” more important than street kids who can’t even get by with basic needs in life?! Really, we should be voicing out and giving more air time ( or whatever exposure is needed ) to issues like these which are MORE IMPORTANT and MORE URGENT.

There is nothing wrong with being filthy rich and famous, you just have to remember to be HUMBLE. Geez, you can’t bring your money in your graves for god’s sake!

Ok, so that was such a sudden burst of emotions right there. 🙂 hehehe


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