me and mom’s “bonding day” and then some other things…

June 1, 2007

Because there was no driver that would drive my mom today for the Ateneo Grade School orientation ( since my youngest brother is already in the 1st grade ), she asked me if i could do it for her. Geez, need not ask me when it comes to these things. I was glad to help.

The batch orientation was held in the Henry Lee Irwin theater. Before the orientation started, me and my mom surveyed the area to look at people and we spotted my tita Glenda with Carlo. Its so good to see her again after all these years. ^_^

There were a lot of speakers that talked about rules and regulations, values and virtues that they would like to instill to these “little” Ateneans and so forth. It was not boring but it was just too long. So anyway, after that we proceeded to the respective classrooms of the kids ( Kobe’s section is Dao ).

Upon entering, their adviser/teacher, Ms. ( or was that Mrs.?, i forgot ) Cruz, beckoned me and my mom to sit in the front row. The tables and chairs were sooo little that i could just squeal “CUTE!” if it weren’t for my conscience telling me to stop conjuring SHAME.

 Wee~ The classroom is sooooo cute. I know that it seems normal and ordinary but there’s just something great about their classroom and their campus as wel.. it was very conducive to LEARNING. The atmosphere is just great. 🙂 Because of this, i can’t help but compare it to my elementary school then which is WAY WAY off Kobe’s school. Im not saying that my school then was bad or something its just that Kobe’s  school is WAY BETTER. Everything is just freaking ORGANIZED! ( From their folders, notebooks, exams and all that….I, a college student, felt so ashamed of myself for not even organizing my things that way….tsk tsk. )

The only thing that ticked me off a bit was the fact that a lot of the people there do not want their kids to learn “Tagalog”…That’s just absurd i think since hello people, WE ARE FILIPINOS! Speak english all you want but look in the mirror! You have brown skin, dark brown eyes, jet black hair, no freckles and….can i go on?!. I have nothing against english-speaking kids or families but throwing away or even thrashing your IDENTITY is MADNESS.

After that tiring three hour orientation, me and my mom ate in Teriyaki Boy along Katipunan. Boy, were we famished. haha ^_^ Upon finishing the food, i drove to Starbucks near our place to get myself some Banana Java Chip. Gawd, i loved it!!

note: Got this picture from the net @_@

Talked with my mom about a LOT of things. I missed bonding with her….it’s just different sharing stuff with her than with friends. ^_^

So, upon arriving home, i immediately opened my computer to play ROSE and then….blah….SERVER DEAD!….geez… to pass the time, i just tinkered with my website and update here and there. ^_^ It was almost 10:30 pm that i was able to log-in! Woot.

Wee~ So happy that i got the random ARUA FAIRY again! hahaha. I know it’s not permanent but its just cute running around with some fairy following you. hehehe 🙂

My kick-ass girl soldier with the Arua Fairy. 🙂

While leveling somewhere, Gian’s soldier messaged me to hunt down Aquas near Junon as a party. Goodie, i missed killing those Aquas!

 We have matching outfits! Woot!

sidenote: notice Gian’s soldier’s nose. haha ROFL

I got so hyped-up that i played up to the wee hours of the morning. And yes Gian, ADDICT!


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