Of teaching and What-nots.

December 2, 2006

I had a great time with our NSTP today. ahaha, i dont know, probably it’s that giddy feeling when your tutee understands what you just taught him/her. ^^ WAH! I feel like i want to be a teacher, but not a college teacher. An elementary and high school teacher would be good.

But then again, my patience is always at the brim, and I might not survive being a sensei… T.T But still, its FUN.

After discussing the plans for the Christmas party next week ( Argh! I would be absent then since I’m going to the cosplay event in UP! …. T.T ), me, Ralph and Darryl began to talk about ….well…LOVELIFE. It’s kind of funny to talk to guys about this sort of thing , but then you get to see a different perspective, which is a really really big deal for me.

 You get to know what Guys do and do not like about girls and all that, And well, they also learn what girls think about so-and-so things. ^_^

 “It is complicated, but you could make it simple” –> Ralph R.


Geez, then what am i supposed to do? Tell him and disregard all the pride i have left. 



Bahala ka, ang tanga-tanga mo kasi. Di mo kasi gets..tsk tsk tsk.


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