Final Fantasy hangover

December 1, 2006

I decided to play Final Fantasy XII again, yesterday.. just for the heck of it. I erased my previous saved data and started from scratch again, this time, I already have a complete walkthrough. Back then, I said to myself that this would be the first final fantasy that I would play without any cheat of any form, but then…BLAH. I just can’t . Well, with the rate or speed of my playing habit, I might finish FF12 next year. It’s just hard to compete with two younger brothers for the PS2, you know. They always tell me to buzz off since I’m already old and that playing should not be in my vocabulary anymore. BLAH see? Geez, I want to have my own TV and my own game console!!!!! ^_^

Arghh! I want to finish the game so badly!! @_@


Eeeeep!! BALTHIER!!! I just love this guy more than Vaan! He is  ultimate hotness personified  I just love his bad guy personality and the way he talks… damn, that sky pirate accent, it makes me melt. nyahahaha ^_^
Why is it, that even though you have given up on someone, anything that concerns him still pierces quite hard? I mean, the goosebumps you feel when he passes by and then your body does not know whether to run as far as you can or just stand there,….. just staying still…. then when he walks past you and you feel the wind brush up your body….you get that sinking feeling . You see,  I hate it  Why did it have to be you, anyway????

UP AME would commence next saturday, and I’m stil lacking some details in my costume. 😦 Some of our group mates even backed out for some reason, so there would only be 4 of us, Sailormoon, Sailormars, Jadeite and Nephrite. So, that means we would just have to join an individual entry ….no more skits. tsk tsk tsk. But then, its ok , we should just strut our stuff there …. wah! I’m not even good when it comes to individual entries!! I just cant seem to come up with something to impress the judges or whatever! Maybe I would just have to do some japanese monologue there ^_^ nyahahahaha, GAMBARRE!


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