New items for me!

November 29, 2006

Goodie! These items arrived last saturday and this was the only time that Ara posted the pictures of the items she bought for me and the ariving boy doll. ^_^

This is the double bjd doll carrier that Ara bought , so that we would have a proper “container” and so she could bring us some place without her being worried that we might crack or something because we are not placed in the proper carrier. * Geez, she is paranoid, I tell you *. The carrier is really big! see that black thing next to it, that is Ara’s cellphone , and she placed it there for size reference. hehehe

These are 3 of the 4 socks/ stockings that she bought for me. One is plain white, plain black the others are stripes!

this is the black one ^_^ i love it! It gives me the gothic lolita look.

eep, sorry for the crappy picture. These are the 2 pairs of silicon eyes that she bought for me and the boy doll that would be arriving soon. ^_^ Mine is the sillky pink one ( left ) and the other is a vampire ( right ) for the boy doll.

Cant wait for that boy doll to arrive so that I would have my own slave! I mean…FRIEND. * evil sneer *


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