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November 27, 2006

Ei Ei, ashe here! Since I will be sharing this web space with another BJD arriving next month or early next year, I decided to nag ara to make me another livejournal account so, that weirdo boy BJD would not feel inferior because my other
( neglected ) livejournal is named after me!! hahahha ^_^

 After he arrives, Ara plans to buy another boy doll in the future or some mini fee if she still has money to spare! ( Geez, if you just know how many BJD Ara wants to get her hands on, too bad money is very hard to acquire these days ). 

WAH, cant wait for Ara’s update here since i think she sucks because she is too lazy to take pictures of me and share it with the bjd community! *_*

I thought she was too preoccupied with the pending arrival of that BJD boy and have forgotten about me T.T, but then two days ago, Ara’s order from dollmore arrived! wee~ I now have 4 pairs of cool socks/stockings. She also bought me a new pair of eyes, the sillky pink silicon ones and also a vampire silicon eyes for the boy BJD. Not to mention a black/blue kick-ass mohair wig and a double bjd carrier! It’s sooo big. ^_^ Now, i love her to bits! She might post some pictures soon ( I guess )


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