Michelle’s debut ^_^

October 21, 2006

It was her birthday last Oct.6 but they decided to celebrate it today just in time for the sembreak…..so even though it was a post-celebration………….


After our last long test ( S.A long test ), my blockmates consisting of Me, Sam, Darryl and KP ventured to Laguna to attend Michelle’s debut. The driver was the one who drove us there since i don’t know how to get there by myself and seriously, how could i be expected to drive when I’m wearing a dress??!. The others, ( Teej, Gian, Caly, Maia, Anna, Karl, Jay ) arrived much much earlier than us but when we arrived, there were no guests yet ( even the debutant and the family as well!.. ).

Because im not a LATE PERSON( its one of my pet peeves–> being Late), i was comfortable waiting for the event to start instead of being hassled because of a late arrival. I was part of the 18 Balloons so REALLY I couldn’t afford being late…. that’s just embarrassing….

I only took a few pics with my trusty cam phone because i got so distracted with my blockmates and the event itself. So some of the pictures here are from Caly’s cam, which i borrowed. 🙂

Hope i delivered my message to Mich well since i’m not a really good speaker and i ALWAYS stutter when I speak in front of many people. haha ^_^

After our respective tasks, Caly and I had a bummed-out*slash*Vanity picture galore. Here are some of them 🙂

Shocked version : I don’t look shocked at all…more of like deranged. ^_^

Gross Face version: Then again, i didn’t pose well. Booyah. Goodwork on those eyes, Caly!

Camwhore buddies! Woot ^_^

Oh wait, Karl! hahaha LOSER KARLITO PIC.


Group pic for the night! Woot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^_^

sidenote: Please don’t mind that i’m so hard to spot in the pic…. boo.

disclaimer : All the pics except the very first ones belongs to CALY and her sleek cam 🙂


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