Eastwood- My very first Dollmeet!

July 11, 2006

Wee~ At long last, Ara finally squeezed this tiny meet-up into her forever-hectic schedule
( which she tells me is full of school-related stuff… which i doubt. hahaha ).

Since she hasn’t bought a doll carrier yet ( She will buy one along with another doll that she plans to buy . *snicker* ), she placed me again in that over-sized bag of hers and left me in the I.D lab along with Cerberus and Lexi. T.T Good thing the both of them were there to accompany me. ^_^

After their respective classes, Alodia and Ara , went back to the I.D. Lab to clean up their things. After that, all of us went to Eastwood for the meet-up ! ( btw, thanks to edj for the transpo! ^_^ )

Gah! We were so early, so Alodia and Ara started to work their way through their cams and the three of us ( Me, Lexi and Cerberus ) were posing like cam-freaks. ^_~ I promised Ara to pose professionally this time so as to help hone her photography skills. <– Although i think it’s more of photography blunder, really. 🙂

Me and Cerberus….i mean, Rie. His outfit rocks!! He is like a gothic monk….

Me and Rie, top-view. WAH! i can see my strings, jeez. haha

being all emo. ^_^

Ara : Damn he looks like Gackt. *swoons*

Lexi , Me and my bear, Daniel ( yeah, i brought him with me. ). eep. * pic taken by edj *

One of my camwhore moments. i just love how my resin hands turned out to be prettier than ara’s hands. *lolz* * pic taken by edj *

ara : gah! i’m beginning to adore Rie. I love this pic of him….he looks so manly. haha

Sometimes i think i’m better off as an MSD doll since Ara doesn’t make me wear teeny- clothes at all. 🙂

* Celes and rie pic spam post *

Ara : the couple to be….. haha…..*peace*

Ara: Celes and Rie looks so mature here. i love this pic 🙂

Ara: i used flash in this one since i wanted to emphasize their eyes. ^_^

Ara: WAH * emo feelings rushing… *

i look very much asian here. haha 🙂

Rie and Lexi. rie looks like the big brother.! 🙂 Ni-chan! haha

I pose like a tom-boy while Lexi is all demure and lady-like. haha, i should act like one ..FAST. haha

Lexi: look there celes…
Celes: hm?

Lexi and Celes : Wah! bishie! *swoons*

Rie: “I’m too sexy for my shirt…too sexy for my shirt…too sexy..it hurts. haha ”

Ara: i love this certain group pic… they look so cuddly. haha eep! Celes looks so pale. 🙂

Ara: Celes looks so girly here. ack! A MNF lishe disguised in a delf lishe body. haha

After our mini pictorial, we went to Mcdo to meet with Chi and Celandri. yey!

daddy rie and son celandri. ^_~ * Ara: i love his green eyes!! *

Lexi, Rie, Celandri and Celestine ( wow! all of our names, rhymes!….ends with the –eee )

showing the mcdo sign. hehe

group pic!! wee~

Finally Blue and body-less Mythrill ( CP DELF LE Juri )came! wee

Lexi (holding Mythrill), Rie, Celandri, Celestine and Blue ( his outfit reminds me of Auron )

bonding with celandri..i was so glad he didnt bite. haha ^_^

After meeting with Chi and Ka-chan, all four of us went to cafe **** ( i forgot the name… ) to meet with Kestrel, Kempfy and Yuki

couple galore!

Yuki and Lexi… 🙂

them again. pic spam! haha

Celandri fooling around with Kempfy and Blue.

wee~ my fave pic of Celandri!! haha

ara: Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to get a pic of us there since my cam got all cranky. But nonetheless, it was soo, fun!!

btw, THANKS RAVEN for the trinkets!! Celes loves them!! I hope you could make it in the next meet-up!


wah!! i’m so glad you are decided to buy a bjd!! wee~ we enjoyed your presence there as well, even though you were the only guy there 🙂 wee~


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