Happy Birthday Celes!!

June 10, 2006

Since Ara didn’t have any internet connection for the last 5 days, she was not able to post any new pictures of me, specially on my birthday. T.T

Even though I arrived weeks ago, specifically May 24 , i celebrated my birthday last June 8 at Ara’s house. Why June 8? I don’t have any idea but Ara says that she likes the number 8 so i shall have it as my birthday. ^_^

Wah!! I’m sooo happy, Ara and her Ate Kristine made me two cute pair of outifts. One is the mexican look with matching leg warmers and a pretty summer stripe outfit. Ara pestered her Ate Kristine to help her make the outfits since I don’t have any official outfit yet. haha. Now, i love my master so. ^_^ I hope she makes me more outfits. Wee~


Wahh! Forgot to tell that Ara gave me a turtle earring. It has come to my attention that she loves these critters so she gave me one as well. I loves it!! It even came all the way from Australia! Wee~ It matches my eye color too. ^_~


This is my summer stripe look. Even though summer is over, i think Ara and her Ate Kristine did a great job on this. The thing I am wearing on my left arm was Ara’s idea. This was inspired by Yuna’s outfit on FFX. Teehee


This “belly brace” , or whatever it is called, is also an original idea by Ara. The bracelet was given by a friend of hers and it fits me perfectly. haha

This is me sporting the new ‘do! haha

This is my mexican look. This is my only picture wearing these since Ara says that it is too eye-candy. She shall look for other plain stuff to be mixed with the colors. Fact: This outfit was made from a piece of stretchable headband. 🙂 haha


lookie here!


this Mr. Incredible plushie was the first gift that I received from ARa for my birthday! I love it too much! Thankies


Next one is a miniature german sheperd.! Aww….it sooo… cute


A close-up pic of my doggie. He is still nameless though. ack!


Haha! Ara took this picture of me and i was forced to pose like a lady. hahahhaa.


After that cutie german sheperd, Ara gave me a cute Russian Blue Cat. Ara told me that she was looking for a Persian and a Siamese Cat, but she could not find one. But the Russian Blue Cat rocks all the same, Ara!! wee~


Wah!!! surprise surprise!! Qtie from Animax!!!!


Fact: This plushie was given to Ara by a friend in UST before she cosplayed onstage.


Wah!! This pup was the last gift i received from Ara! wee~ another doggie, but a smaller one! hehe. It’s too cute to be mine but Ara still insisted that i keep it. *hugs Ara*



Some random pictures during the mini pictorial 🙂


This pic is werid. I look very seductive. haha, actually i was just asking Ara for some chocolates.


Since Ara was sooo tired taking pictures of me, I took her cam and took a picture of myself for a change. haha


I want to bite you…..haha. nah! Ara would disassemble me if i get too close to someone. haha


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