Eastwood Trip

May 26, 2006

After Ara’s class and her movie presentation to her teacher in Psychology, Me along with her parents picked her up in Bellarmine Hall so we could go to Eastwood. wee~!!

Upon arriving at eastwood, All of us immediately went to Teriyaki boy to eat dinner! woot! scrumptuous ( even though Ara refused to give me at least one bite )

* Ara teaching me how to use the chopsticks. i told her i dont know how! But she still insisted that I learn how to use it since I hail from an Asian chopsticks-using country and that I even look Asian with my face-up. WHAT? *hides*

After eating, we went to some places to kill time. Since the show time of “The Da Vinci Code” was still 7:15 pm and it was just about 5 pm.

When it was about 6:45 pm, my mom dragged us to Haagen-Dazs ice cream parlor to have 2 scoops of her favorite ice cream. Since, i was amazed by the cool colors of frozen milk, sugar and fruits, I told Ara to take a picture of me along with the stacks of ice cream.

* Ice creams!!! note: That guy at the back, thought I was sailormoon….. T.T , uhmmm, Ara told him that Sailormoon’s hair was blonde/brown and not pink. oh well.

*wee~! strawberry ice-cream!! woot

* The cakes!! but oh well, we didnt have money to buy an Haagen-Dazs products anymore since they were so expensive. hehe

While we were bumming around outside the cinema, some people thought i was a big-sized barbie… T.T darn it, im not a barbie…. 😦


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