At Home

May 25, 2006

Ara brought me to Ateneo this morning so I’ll be able to meet Alodia, Lexi and Cerberus. Ack! I was really embarassed to be brought to the school since i was really naked, bald and worst of all, i was stuffed inside a big bag to serve as my carrier. oh well, i cant complain, since Ara said that I will be getting clothes from Alodia for the mean time while i dont have my own clothes yet.

Me in Lexi’s very first outfit 🙂 ( That’s inside the cafeteria )

Ara and Alodia started taking pictures of the three of us ( Me, Lexi and Cerberus ) after i was fully clothed with Lexi’s very first set of clothes. *hides* Because Ara’s cam got cranky that morning, she depended on Alodia’s cam and her sleek cell phone. Bummer. haha.

From left to right: Me, Rie and Lexi

Me and Lexi ( Ohhh the sun! )


Ohh i look sooooo asian. ^_^

Then this Malaysian guy approached us and started comparing us to those…err….Gundam figures. Gundam?!??! do i look like one? well…that guy Heero is hot. *lolz*

After Ara and I got back home, she took pictures of Me while she was studying for her Gen Psyche exam the next day. hehe

* Me and my bear, Daniel. Note: The bear doll was given to me by Ara’s little brother, Kobe.

* close-up on my bear. He looks so fluffy.


* Ara found this pink/violet watch in her brother’s bedroom. She doesn’t have a clue as to why a mini watch was there in the first place. But i loves it.

* Ara’s mom is way cooler. She gave this original Timex watch to me as a welcome gift. Thankies! Note: look at the pinky…..Ara says she likes it, but i dont. I will make her buy me a new set of hands one of these days. I like the hands with the peace sign!!!*

After that, Ara’s mom also gave me a pink necklace and cool dangling earrings. I think my earrings are not visible in this picture….i’ll just tell Ara to take pictures of me again. 🙂


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