Ashe Celestine is home!

May 24, 2006

Because Ara got so lazy to upload and post the pictures, my grand arrival pictures got so late to be posted on the net. argh! At least, i nagged Ara enough to at least make me a cutie signature on all of my pictures and upload all of my pictures on the net.

I’m really sorry for this late posting. 😦

Anyway, my vanity shall prevail, so here are the out-dated pictures. 🙂

* $80?! way to go LUTS! hehe. Do i cost that much?? *wink* *wink*


* This is the BIG BROWN BOX a.k.a the BBB. This is the box where happiness ( Me ) is sealed. 🙂


*wee~ The LUTS box!! wow!


* removed the bubblewrap! woot!


* lishe-y lishe lishe!


*The unravelling!


* Ara still had the heart to take a picture of me while i felt that i was going to suffocate already…. T.T


* Here are my stuffs. From left to right: My long blonde hair, my kick-ass boots, my pink wig and LUTS event items.


 *Hides* She already made my stand even though im still naked… T.T


* Close-up on my face-up.


* Ara tried to put my blonde wig on me to see how it looks….hmmm….i think i look like a hooker. oh well, if Ara thinks its nice, then i SHOULD agree. *snicker*


 * Then, Ara tried the brown luts event wig on me…..she says i look like a victorian era vampire, since the hair is soooo lady-like….yeah, it sure does.


* This is my pink wig, which Ara loves very much. WHY? since she says that I look like Chibi-moon in this hair of mine. haha


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