Wee! Celes is coming this week!!

May 22, 2006

here i was ranting how i didnt get my shipping confirmation email just a few hours ago, and now, i’m super super super excited for the arrival of Celestine!! waahhh

this really made my day!!! wow!

“Hi lovely Ara

How are you today?
Thank you for your patience all through.
Your tracking number is em781375861kr
However you probably won’t get any info in 24 hours
Have a nice & happy day~!
Thanks a lot~ See ya~~!

From: your friend……LUTS”


this is their second email to me today, saying that my order was shipped today!! wahh

” ara sandel’s order has been shipped out!(luts)
luts ara sandel Your order is on the way to your door!
ara sandel your order #20060501-3532atlutshas been shipped out from the warehouse.Order number 20060501-3532 Order date 2006-05-01 오후 6:58:06Customer name ara sandel Payment method Wire Transfer

Payment information -Name of Bank : kookmin (KB)
-Account Number: : 807568-04-100189
-Beneficiary: : Cho Chung Ho
-Address of Bank : 330-3. Changshin-dong, jongro-gu, seoul, korea.
-Shift Code : CZNBKRSE

Payment confirmed 2006-05-15 오전 11:05:38

Shipped out date 2006-05-22 오후 6:53:21

Scheduled to arrive on 26.may.2006

Tracking # em781375861kr ”

ack!! cant wait….hehe, i already told all the people in the house, that if some package arrives from Korea, DO NOT OPEN! hehe, i told them to wait for me!! hehehe


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